Acrylic kit

Acrylic kit
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Pre-selected Crystal Nails Acrylic Powders and accessories for nail techs of all experience levels. Trendy collections of the high pigmented color acrylic powders - for special events and seasons.

The acrylic trial kits contain 3 types of builder acrylic powder (cover, pink, white) liquid monomer, nail form sample.


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Acrylic trial kits

Useful acrylic trial kits with the material of champions! Give them...



Baby Boomer Acrylic Powder Kit

For Baby Boomer Technique




Exactly what I want!
Taylor Verified Buyer
on Oct 18, 2018

The powder is strong an it stays on pretty well also very cute outcome.

Love this product
Lizz Lovio Verified Buyer
on Jan 5, 2018

Great set to create beautiful Baby-boomer Nails at a great price!

trial kit acrylic powders
on Nov 5, 2014

They are great for beginners because of the very small portions of all three powders. If you're just trying it out and are new to doing nails, then I highly recommend it. You get to test out all three powders and see what you are most comfortable with, which helps you determine what powder you prefer. Great buy!