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Top and Base gels

Top and Base gels
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Crystal Nails brings you the best materials from start to finish. To start out on top, choose a Base Gel from a selection of three depending on the task at hand, then to finish on a high note – and with a high shine -, top off your latest nail masterpiece with a lustrous top coat.

You can find the essential gel nail top coats: the shine gels. The most popular Top Shine is a cleansing free, non- soak off  shine gel. You have to cleanse the following ones: Top Seal, Top Seal Light. All of them are very flexible and give and incredible shine to the artificial nails. Base gel is a universal adhesion promoter, flexible and soak off gel. You can also use it under the 3STEP CrystaLac gel nail polishes and nail sculpting.



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Builder Base Gel

The strongest adhesion thicker base gel!


Compact Base Gel

A new generation of base gel and nail strengthener


Hardener Sand

Very fine dust for strengthening the nail.




0.35 fl oz

Base gel

UNIVERSAL base gel! Adhesion promoter.


Cover Light Pink Base Gel

Base gel with a light pink color as soft as the petals of a rose




Color UP! Base Gel

„Color tuning” under 3 step CrystaLac gel polish. Gives extra...




Xtreme Top Shine

Totally non-yellowing, flexible Top gel


Top Shine gel

Cleansing free transparent high shine


MattEver Matte Top Gel

Non-cleansing, soak off matte top gel




0.27 fl oz

Cool Top Gel

Cleansing-free, soak-off super shine


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A Comprehensive Guide to Crystal Nails Base Gels

A Comprehensive Guide to Crystal Nails Base Gels

Knowing which base gel you have to use as an ever-important base coat for the builder gels, acrylic powders, and nail polishes that make up our immense selection of nail supplies is the most crucial prerequisite of getting the exact astonishing results that your clients demand and deserve. To help you get acquainted with our Base Gel product family, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Crystal Nails Base Gels. Enjoy!

Builder Base Gel

Builder Base Gel brings you the strongest adhesion among the members of the Crystal Nails Base Gel product family. Thanks to its unprecedented adhesion, Builder Base Gel makes working on even the most problematic nails a breeze, evaporating all adhesion difficulties with a quick flick of the wrist. Although Builder Base Gel has thick viscosity, it is surprisingly easy to spread, and the included short brush further smoothens the application process, guaranteeing that you are able to apply Builder Base Gel evenly in a thin layer.

  • Thick viscosity base gel providing unmatched adhesion and a solution for problematic nails with adhesion difficulties
  • Easy to spread despite its thick viscosity
  • Included short brush ensures even application in a thin a layer
  • Use it as a thin base coat for CrystaLacs (Important note: Due to Builder Base Gel’s adhesion, soakability will decrease!)
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Base Gel

There’s nothing basic about Base Gel! This transparent material is as complex as it gets, merging a trio of functions into one multifaceted gel. Base Gel is capable of facilitating adhesion for nail enhancements and infills, and can also be used as a base coat for CrystaLacs. With its excellent adhesive quality, Base Gel is the perfect aid for problematic nails, preventing lifting in general and lifting that can occur while pinching extreme nail enhancements.

  • Thick viscosity, exceptionally adhesive, soak-off, multifunctional base gel
  • Easy to spread
  • Use it to facilitate adhesion for infills and nail enhancements and as a base coat for CrystaLacs
  • Tailor-made solution for problematic nails: prevents lifting in general and lifting that can occur while pinching extreme nail enhancements
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)


Color Up! Base Gel

Give an extra boost to 3 Step CrystaLacs with this color-intensifying base gel! Color Up! is a pure white, flexible, easy-to-soak-off gel that is soft and superbly adhesive at the same time, ensuring that you only have to apply it in a single thin layer – which, thanks to the included soft brush, takes no more than a few seconds.

  • Pure white base gel that dazzlingly intensifies the color of 3 Step CrystaLacs
  • Magnificently adhesive yet soft, applying it with the included brush is a breeze
  • Flexible and easy to soak off
  • Only requires a single thin layer
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)
A Comprehensive Guide to Crystal Nails Top Gels ( gel top coat )

A Comprehensive Guide to Crystal Nails Top Gels ( gel top coat )

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish – which is only partially true as it pertains to the requirements of being a top-notch nail technician, because each and every step of the work process holds equal importance in creating nails worthy of your reputation and of your clients’ expectations. Regardless of the latter fact, the finishing touches are always crucial, so in order to ensure that you flawlessly execute top coating and that you always choose the right material for the task at hand, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Crystal Nails gel top coat.

Top Shine Gel

The thin viscosity and exceptional fluidity of this crystal clear top gel is deceiving – in a good way, because once you cure Top Shine Gel, it becomes the hardest top gel in the entire product family. Due to its diamond bright shine, it gives acrylic and gel nail enhancements a mesmerizing finish. Available in seven glittering colorways.

  • Non-yellowing, non-flexible, non-cleansing, clear top gel with an added UV filter
  • Top coating for acrylic and gel nail enhancements
  • To further intensify its shine, once the nails are cured, let them cool down for a minute, then apply a layer of cuticle oil
  • Available in seven glittering colorways: Silk, Diamond Violet, Diamond Blue, Holo Silver, Holo Gold, Holo Red, Holo Pink
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Top Shine Xtreme Gel

This superbly flexible, clear top shine gel has an xtremely glossy, long-lasting shine and contains a newly developed formula ensuring its 100% non-yellowing feature. Feel free to apply it generously, as it cures in a thicker layer.

  • Exceptionally flexible, non-cleansing, non-soak off with an innovative, 100% non-yellowing formula
  • Long-lasting extreme shine adds an eye-catching finish to the nail
  • Cure time: 2-3 minutes (LED), 1-2 minutes (UV)

Top Seal Gel

Seal, shine, and protect! Top Seal Gel not only dazzles up the acrylic and gel nail enhancements you create, but also forms a protective layer that safeguards your nail art designs. To top it off, Top Seal Gel comes equipped with a color intensifying formula with a moderate effect.

  • Non-yellowing, non-soak off, flexible, thick viscosity clear top gel for acrylic and gel nail enhancements
  • Forms a protective layer to safeguard your nail art designs
  • To further intensify its shine, apply a layer of Cleanser after curing
  • Does not flow, endures higher temperatures
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Top Seal Light Gel

Seal, shine, and protect with the lightweight version of Top Seal Gel! Top Seal Light has medium viscosity, but otherwise carries the same qualities as its heavyweight counterpart, as it gives an ever-important extra flair to acrylic and gel nail enhancements, while also providing a protective layer to keep your nail art designs out of harm’s way. Contains a color intensifying formula with a moderate effect.

  • Non-yellowing, non-soak off, flexible, medium viscosity clear top gel for acrylic and gel nail enhancements
  • Forms a durable protective layer to safeguard your nail art designs
  • To further intensify its shine, apply a layer of Cleanser after curing
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Easy Off Top Gel

Easy Off Top Gel is the Swiss army knife of Crystal Nails Top Gels that you can use for acrylic and gel nail enhancements, 3 Step CrystaLacs, as a nail strengthener, and as a protective shield you can apply onto Chro°Me Top, the dedicated top coating developed specifically for Chro°Me CrystaLacs.

  • Medium viscosity, soak-off, cleansing, flexible top gel
  • To boost its shine, apply a layer of Cleanser after curing
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Matte Top Gel

Everlasting matte! Add an exceptionally durable matte effect to acrylic and gel nail enhancements and CrystaLacs with the opaque white Matte Top Gel!

  • Medium viscosity, flexible, cleansing, soak-off, opaque white top gel
  • Gives a long-lasting matte effect to acrylic and gel nail enhancements
  • To intensify its shine, apply a layer of Cleanser after curing
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Mega White Film Gel

The bright white purity of freshly fallen snow. We have developed Mega White Film Gel for creating a variety of nail art designs, although if you are on the more experienced side of your nail technician career, you can also use it to create French tips.

  • Thin viscosity, non-soak off, non-flexible, non-cleansing, bright snow white gel
  • Apply Mega White Film Gel in a thin layer, otherwise its high pigmentation will not allow it to cure
  • Cure time: 3-4 min. (UV), 2-3 min. (LED)

Non-cleansing, non-soak off, non-flexible, thin viscosity snow white gel ideal for creating a wide range of nail art. Due to being highly pigmented, it only cures in a thin layer. Tailor-made for gel painting, decorations, and for painting free edges (in two layers, recommended for more experienced nail technicians). Full cure time in a UV lamp is 3-4 minutes, in a LED lamp 2-3 minutes. LED/UV SYSTEM.

French Top Clear Gel

French Top Clear Gel has water-like transparency, and is the ideal material for creating encapsulated nail designs and various pieces of gel nail art.

  • Flexible, thin viscosity French Top Gel with water-like transparency
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV). Does not cure in a LED lamp!

French Top Color Gels

Put a French twist on acrylic and gel nail enhancements with French Top Color Gels! All four colorways provide superb coverage, and each requires 3-4 minutes of curing in a LED lamp, and 2-3 minutes of curing in a UV lamp (except for French Top Ultra White Gel, the curing time of which is 2-3-4 min. in LED, and 1-2-3 min. in UV).

French Top Ultra White Gel

  • Thin viscosity, bright snow white French Top Gel for creating white tips for nails sculpted from Gum Gel

French Top Beige Gel

  • Transparent, opaque beige French Top Gel. For a classic look, apply French Top Beige onto white or pink nail enhancements.

French Top Pink Gel

  • Baby pink French Top Gel to spruce up acrylic and gel nail enhancements

French Top Blush Gel

  • Blush pink French Top Gel so posh that it’s guaranteed to make your client blush with delight!

French Top Peach Gel

  • Make nails as fresh as a juicy peach with this peachy pink top gel!



base gel

Best product goes on easy and easy to remove works well

Jacqui M Verified Buyer
on Feb 5, 2020

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this top coat. I have used MANY different top coats and this one by far, hands down blows them all away. Goes on beautifully and the shine lasts until the next service. Extra perk, the brush rocks, love the wide bristles. Give this a try, you will not be disappointed.

Amazing versatile product!
Camila Violante Verified Buyer
on Dec 14, 2018

Its a must have gel product in the salon daily work! So easy to use, so fast to work with and so many possibilities you can create with this gel! You can go from creating a small extension on the nail , to rebalance the surface from the nail plates before applying Crystalac Gel or use it as a base before using any Crystal Nails Builder Gels! Beautiful colors that let you correct any imperfections of your nail beds in a heartbeat!

Best invention yet!
Linda Reyes- Nails Done Right Verified Buyer
on Sep 11, 2018

The new CN Compact Base Gel is the perfect base coat for all gel services: refills, gel manicures and Hard Gel Extensions.

Universal Base for all Gel services.
Linda J Reyes Verified Buyer
on Aug 22, 2018

I use Builder Base for all of my Gel Services. I mostly do Hard Gel fills but use this as my base coat for gel polish toes too. It so nice to only have to buy 1 Gel for all Gel products!

The very best!
Linda Reyes Verified Buyer
on Aug 22, 2018

Oh how I love thee Cool Top Gel! You are my go to top coat for all of my services. And thank you for now coming in a larger size. I keep 4 bottles in stock at all times!

Nice one
Olena Verbovska Verified Buyer
on Jul 13, 2018

This is my favorite builder Gel. It’s work well .

Super Xtreme Shine
Lunda Reyes Verified Buyer
on Jul 1, 2018

The Xtreme Top Shine is a no cleanse top Gel that’s flexible enough to use as a base for Chrome Powder & works great over my ombré glitter encapsulated nails. This will not crack when used as a Top Gel over Gel polish but does not soak off so it must be filed prior to wrapping a classic natural nail gel manicure.

Great helper for more vivid colors & discolored Nailplate
Edith Sawyer Verified Buyer
on Jun 14, 2018

I love to use this Product for clients with discolored Nailplate, they are able to have light, sheer colors without any discoloration shining through. Also great to bring out Neon colors to maximum color intensity!

Matte that stays matte!
Guin Deadman Verified Buyer
on Apr 5, 2018

Extremely matte finish lasts 3 weeks or longer. Beautiful over all colors.

Sarina Marie Traylor Verified Buyer
on Jan 28, 2018

As soon as I got my order I was extremely excited, since I've been using the crystal nails products I really love it especially the Xtreme shine gel top coat!!!!