CN Art Gel Olive


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CN Art Gel Olive

    Product description

    Dense painting gel.

    Extremely highly pigmented, non-cleansing, thick viscosity painting gels for those with a knack for creating nail decorations. Provides outstanding coverage in a paper thin layer. Does not flow, allows you to work with great precision on the most minute details of your latest nail art masterpiece. Use it for the popular One Move technique, for gel painting, or for thin lines and contouring. Ensures realistic works of nail art boasting vivid colors and allows you to create flawless color gradients. Available in 5 colorways: Yellow, Blue, Red, White, and Black.

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    Full cure time is 3-4 minutes both in a UV and in a LED lamp.

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    For proper curing, apply it in a paper thin layer. Do not cover larger areas of the nail - such as the free edge – with Art Gel, as it won’t cure. Instead, use Royal Gels to color the entire nail surface.

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    5 out of 5

    DeeDee D: Art Gel (Oct 5, 2018 8:01PM)

    The best pigmented no cleanse art gel paint on the market!!! Love it!!!

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    Amazing pigments!

    Guin Deadman (Apr 5, 2018 4:27AM)

    These gels are perfect for painting, very heavily pigmented and great consistency. Intermixable to create millions of colors. A must have for any nail artist.



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    Rosa Rivera - 8 months ago

    Do you send to Massachusetts US??

    CN - answered 8 months ago

    Yes. We send packages to all territories of the United States.

    Susan abou - 11 months ago

    Do you shop to Israel?

    CN - answered 11 months ago

    Sorry, we only ship to US territories. Please contact one of our distributors in Europe.

    Florentina Alexander - 11 months ago

    Do you ship products to barbados ?

    CN - answered 11 months ago

    Sorry, we only ship to US territories.

    Sam - 1 year ago

    Which product is best for detailed nail art, this or the Royal gel? Which is more pigmented?

    cn - answered 1 year ago

    Art gels are better for detailed art

    NVal - 1 year ago

    ¿Cuantas onzas de gelpor tubo?

    cn - answered 1 year ago

    0.17 fl oz

    Eva Herrera - 1 year ago

    How much product in a tube?

    cn - answered 1 year ago

    0.17 fl oz

    Valeria - 1 year ago

    Hola,soy de Córdoba, Argentina,hacen envíos y cuál sería el costo del envío?

    cn - answered 1 year ago

    Please send an email to thank you

    Betzaida - 1 year ago

    Hacen envíos a México?

    cn - answered 1 year ago

    Please send an email to Thank you!

    Fanny - 2 years ago

    Buen día que cantidad trae cada tubito de gel?

    Raisa - 2 years ago

    Cual es el gel que se utiliza para hacer lineas y transferir foil encima.

    CN - answered 2 years ago

    Xtreme foil gel, puedes encontrarlo aquí: