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Neon Classic gel

The classic bright neon UV/LED color gels.


Sparkling gel

Beautiful, sparkling, vibrant, high pigmented UV/LED color gels.


Ice Metal gel

Metallic shine of the frosty winter colors.


Metal gel

Color gels with shiny metallic gloss.


Pastel gels

10 soft creamy shades.


Crystal Magic gel

Exciting, spectacular effect with minerals instead of micas.


Chameleon - Thermosensitive gel

The colors change by the heat.


Chameleon - Photosensitive gel

The colors change by the light diffences.


Chameleon - Rainbow gel

The colors change by viewing them from different angles.


Easy Off Hardener gel

An improved UV gel to strengthen natural nails.


Easy Off Color gel

Natural nail hardener.


Crystal Clear Master powder

Super fine powder - the favorite of International Champions