CN Easy Off gel - Clear 0.5 fl oz


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CN Easy Off gel - Clear 0.5 fl oz

    Product description

    An improved UV gel to strengthen natural nails.

    The Easy Off Hardener Gel product line is tailor-made for strengthening natural nails. Easy Off Hardener Gels provide a flexible, soak-off overlay boasting outstanding durability even on thin nails. Combine it with products made for natural nails.



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    Recommended under classic (3 STEP) CrystaLacs as nail strengthening. Perfect for natural natural nail strengthening at pedicure. Cure time in UV lamp 2-3 mins, in LED 1-2 mins.

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    M. Wild: Remedy for thin nails (Feb 20, 2015 3:14PM)

    I have very thin nails :( Since I started to use Easy off under my CrystaLac gel polish... problem solved :D

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    natalia kutsovskaya - 6 months ago

    i bought it but its peel of like hall nail ..... what is wrong with a product

    CN - answered 6 months ago

    Please make sure that you prepare the nail properly before you apply the product. Ruff the nail surface with a file or buffer, remove debris and use dehydrator and primer before the application. Also, try to apply it in a thinner layer and cure it for the time required. Please make sure your LED or UV bulbs are in good condition.