Nail files - buffers - polishers

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Magic Shine Block

Contacts the nail on a bigger surface.

$ 2.25

For polishing

Miracle Shine Block

Sandwich Shape

$ 2.25

Sandwich shape

4x4 Files Kit - Files Holder

Files enough for 1 month

$ 29.75

4 different type of files

Black File Half- moon

With durable grit.

$ 1.95


File core

Same color cores as your favorite files – blue, pink, green, white

$ 0.85

$ 1.00

Xtreme files

New grain-adhesion technology

$ 2.95

Zebra file

Professional zebra files (Japanese paper)

$ 1.95

Acrylic Refiner Buffer

Acrylic Refiner Buffer

$ 4.00

Tiger Mini Files

12 pcs mini manicure files in one box for natural nails

$ 7.25

12 pcs

$ 1.50

ABOUT Nail files - buffers - polishers

Due to the newest grain-adhesion technology, the Crystal Nails files are more durable than ever. You can use the nail files, buffer and polishers  of Crystal Nails for the following processes: filing of the surface, removal of color gel and acrylic powsder, filing of the nail shape, for refining the nail surface, for manicure.

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