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CrystaLac 2018/2019 Winter Trend Colors

Crystal Nails Novelties 2018 - The Coolest Nail Art Trends of the Winter Season!

The new 3 Step CrystaLac 2018/2019 Winter Trend Colors!

Make wonderful Nails in winter time with the new shimmery shades of 3 Step CrystaLacs. Wear the new 3S92 Champagne on last night of the year or choose the romantic 3S93 Burmese ruby. We suggest the 3S94 Mystic emerald and 3S95 Exciting blue for guests who would like darker shade.

Four new colorways:

3S92 Champagne

3S93 Burmese Ruby

3S94 Mystic Emerald

3S95 Exciting Blue

3 Step CrystaLacs

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The new One Step CrystaLac 2018/2019 Winter Trend Colors!

Winter shine with new shades of ONE STEP CrystaLacs. Choose the new 1S68 First snowfall, 1S69 Bohemian emerald or 1S70 Luxorious sapphire for the New Year’s Eve.

Three new colorways:

1S68 First Snowfall

1S69 Bohemian Emerald

1S70 Luxorious Sapphire

One Step CrystaLacs

Get the One Step CrystaLacs now

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