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Color Gel 2018/2019 Winter Trend Colors

Crystal Nails Novelties 2018 - The Coolest Nail Art Trends of the Winter Season!

The new Full Diamond Royal Gels are here!

Lovers of the non-cleansing gels will find their new favourites between the new Royal Gel colors. The classic R130 Torrid red is indespensable in the course of the festive preparation. 3 shades of the year’s trendcolors the R131 Purple rhapsody, the R132 Infinite sky and the R133 Night blue will be your guests’ favourites. We suggest to try the new R134 Pine green and R135 Shimmery onyx too.

Six new colorways:

R130 Torrid red

R131 Purple rhapsody

R132 Infinite sky

R133 Night blue

R134 Pine green

R135 Shimmery onyx

3 Step CrystaLacs

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Make your work easier with the NEW Stamping Color Gel!

Non-cleansing, hyperpigmented stamping gels. This gel’s advantage is they cure in UV/LED lamp (not on air). Available in two basic (white and black) and two festive (golden and silver) colors. Soluble, so it can be practically applied on artificial Nails and with gel polishes. Suggested to use top coat for a longlasting effect.

Four colorways:





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