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NEW! Gelly Cover Pink Builder Gel

New category between the Cover Refill and Xtreme Fusion product family

NEW! Gelly Cover Pink Builder Gel

Cover gel that provides perfect coverage.

Can be applied on the whole nail or for nail bed extension. The material is perfectly homogen so the Nails won't be mottled or transparent. In one step you can make the heightening and the nail bed extension.
Thanks to it’s new „pudding” texture the material stays where we put (not self- leveling) and easy to apply because it’s not runny. the desired form/curve can be made easily. This gel is the perfect choice for making high smile line wall thanks to its shape holding feature.
At refilling or sculpting process we can put on the material all the five fingers so we can save time.
Thanks to its perfect adhesion it wont be airy under the nails. Not so flexible but it is stronger and does not break.

Full Diamond 3 Step CrystaLacs


(1.) Prepare the nails with the professional 150/150 (blue) file and apply Compact Base Gel Clear as a basic layer.

(2.) Build the free-edge with Xtreme Clear Gel (Xtreme butterfly nail form) and use Nero Merlo brush II.

After 10 secs bend the nails and apply C-curve holder and cure the nails for 2 minutes in LED lamp.

(3.) Build the whole nail bed with Gelly Cover Builder Gel and use the new Gelly brush. Cure the nails for 2 mins. Then cleanse them and file the smile line with 150/150 (blue) and surface with 180/180 (green) file.

(4.) Apply Builder White II. white gel with Nero Merlo II. brush then cure the nails for 2 mins in LED lamp.

(5.) File the nails with the Xtreme green 180 and matte with pink buffer.

(6.) Cover the nails with Cool Top Gel.

Full Diamond 3 Step CrystaLacs

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