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NEW! AquaInk Crystal Drops decoration liquid

A new kind of decoration liquid.

NEW! AquaInk Crystal Drops decoration liquid

A new kind of decoration liquid that makes it possible to create fast, easy-tolearn and unique designs. It cures with air so it does not require UV or LED lamp. It can be dropped easily onto the nail surface, and also patterns can be drawn with a brush.
Available in 6 shades. The best basic color is white but other pastel or milky cover color can be used as a base as well (Milky Rose Compact Base Gel). The surface has to be completely matte and scratch free.
Suggested brushes for the applicaton: Phantom, Art Design, Aquarell. Liquids: Nail Prep, Acryl Remover, Cleanser.

AquaInk Crystal Drops

Step by Step

(1.) Sculpt square form with Gelly Cover Pink Builder Gel and file it as needed.

(2.) Apply 3S78 3 STEP Crystalac in 2 layers , Cure each layer for 30 secs. in LED lamp

(3.) Cover the Nails with Cool Top Gel Universal and cure them for 1,5 mins in LED.

(4.) After curing and buffing the nails, apply the NEW AquaInk Crystal Drops (orange, red, purple).

(5.) Dip the Phantom brush into Cleanser to wash back the dried ink and make the design blurry.

(6.) After the design is dried, cover the nails with Cool Top Gel Universal (hold the brush flat) , in 2 or maximum 3 moves, then cure the nails for 1,5-2 mins in LED lamp.

AquaInk Crystal Drops

Check out the AquaInk Crystal Drops

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