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12 brand new CrystaLac shades for spring

Spring has arrived to the world of Crystal Nails gel polishes.

12 brand new CrystaLacs shades for the spring

NEW! Longlasting effect and wonderful colors in 3 step

3 STEP CrystaLac trend colors 2019 spring/summer

All your clients will find a favourite color from the new wonderful spring CrystaLacs. We combined the extravagant neon shades with pastel colors.

Try the new:

3S96 - Banana Shake

3S97 - Tutti-Frutti

3S98 - Blueberry Cotton Candy

3S99 - Baby Blue Colors

Full Diamond 3 Step CrystaLacs

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Gold Candy 3 STEP CrystaLac

With this new CrystaLac your Nails will sparkle and shimmer.

Available in four shades:

3S100 – Golden Ecru

3S101 – Golden Nude

3S102 – Golden Mallow

3S103 – Golden Corall

3 Step CrystaLacs

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NEW! Fast, non-cleansing gel polishing in 1 STEP

ONE STEP CrystaLac trend colors of 2019 spring/summer

After the cold winter, spring is finally here and the softer, fine colors have arrived. Refresh yourself with the new shades of One Step CrystaLacs.

The spring mood is provided by the NEW:

1S71 - Cherry Blossom

1S72 - Peach Blossom

1S73 - Blueberry Bunchberry

1S74 - Red Coral

One Step CrystaLacs

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