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Great success: Crystal Nails triumph at the London Nailympics

At nail competitions nail artists meausure their knowledge with nail artists. There is only one category in which brands fight with each other, and that is the team competition. In this year, the Crytsal Nails Best team won the Nailympics in the professional category (3. division) which is the proof of the professionalism of the quality of the materials and of course the team competitors.

Out of more than 500 competitors from 24 countries, 8 Hungarian gold and several silver and bronze medal were born at London Nailympics. More Hungarian competitors were called to the podium than Russian, who are regarded as the another „nailcountry”.
The latest Crystal European Nail Cup-on Winner of Winners, Virág Halász, this time entered for Stiletto Sculpt, where she won the bronze medal. The only Hungarian Crystal Nails Elite Master, Barbara Magyarosi, in division 2, in nail embellishment came in fouth in a very strong field. In division 1, Emese Skribanekné could also return home with a bronze medal in acrylic sculpt category, while she just missed the third step of the podium with a few points, in stiletto sculpt category.
The biggest boom of the Nailympics was the result of the Crystal Nails Best team. The team consisted of Hungarian, British and Italian competitors, in division 3 (professional category) they beat everybody, which means they become the best in the world.
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