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The trendiest patterns and effects of the 2013-14 fall and winter season has arrived!


Nude is an eternal color: as if they want to ignore that fall is upon us. You will love it, if you are a fond of the  brownish- beige shades and soft creamy colors. The password of the fall:
Be natural!


Wispy winter flash – on the Nails! Your accessories should be flashy as well, not only your clothes! Discrete „sparkling”, which makes unique even the  simplest, and the most moderate wear.

Gradient (ombre)

The newest craze came from France, which dominates the fall- winter season. The gradient (ombre) effect initially  appeared in hair coloring. Now it also enjoys great popularity in clothing and Nails!  Play with the shades!

Geometry and flowers

Squares in unlimited quantity! Classic elegance in the murky seasons: after the scarves, the square-patterned clothes will be the basic wear of the fall-winter season. This traditional pattern, which is available in countless variations, appears on the nails as well!
Flowers, flowers, flowers! Every wardrobe bursts into bloom, so do the nails. No matter if it is a small flower or big one, colorful or black&white: wrap yourself into flowers as well!


Flash, Gradient, Geometry and flowers

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