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Crystal Nails triumph at the London Nailympics 2013

7… 6… 5… No, it is not a countdown and we are not launching a space shuttle. These three numbers stand for the medals of Crystal Nails at the London Nailympics 2013: 7 gold, 6 silver, 5 bronze.

London Nailympics was held between the 21st and 23rd of September. The contestants of Crystal Nails came from several countries again: England, Italy and Hungary – their aim was to prove that with top quality Crystal Nails products and high level of professionalism, everybody can be the best.
The team reached its aim, nothing proves this more than the seven gold, six silver and five bronze medals. Our newest developments, the ONE STEP CrystaLacs helped our contestants to win.

We managed to show again to the professional world that Crystal Nails is the material of champions!

Francesca Ricci (Division 1): Salon category – 2nd place; Stiletto -3rd place; Gel Open - 2nd place
Hazel Dixon (Division 3): Top UK Nail technician 1st place
Izabella Latorovszki (Division 2): Stiletto - 1st place
Karina Perematko (Division 2): Stiletto - 3rd place
Mária  Malekné Vigh (Division 3): Stiletto - 2nd place
Alexandra Méhész (Division 2): Soak Off - 1st place; Tip box - 2nd place; Acrylic Nails Sculpture - 3rd place
Patrizia Martucci (Division 1): Tip-Box – 1st place
Philipp Judit (Division 3): Fantasy - 2nd place; Mixed art media 1st place - Art Winner 
Simona Ganderova (Division 2): Salon category - 3rd place; Soak Off - 2nd place; Gel Open - 1st place

Andrea Szabó (Division 2): Salon category - 1st place
Ursula Sadko (Division 1): Tip-Box – 3rd place 


London Nailympics 2013

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