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The nail trends of the future

The nail technician profession mainly serves the demands of the trend-following women, so the professional who is not familiar with the newest trends can easily stay behind in the competition for the clients. Let’s see, what the growing trends are in our profession.


New types of artificial nail products

nail trends of the future The demand for nail bed extension appeared years ago – to serve the purpose of optically lengthening the fingers and Nails, as it is the case with high heel shoes that make your legs look longer, so we developed the Cover Pink nail bed extension gels and acrylics. 

Nowadays, nail sculpting is unimaginable without them. (Interesting fact: it is just starting to become popular in the USA – they do not even use it at competitions, and this magnificent material is only entering the Hungarian basic NTR training also.)

The chemical composition of our products are improving permanently, we are working parallel with the development of the dental acrylics and gels. (Although it may be surprising that the preparation of the teeth – for example Primer and adhesives are very similar). 


Gel polish: The boom of the new service - totally new clientele in the salons

The gel polishing technique also improved due to the demands and “envy” of the clients in the recent past. Those clients who did not want artificial nail and came to the salon to get a manicure and a layer of nail polish, always envied the permanence of the gels compared to the nail polishes. 

The idea came from there: develop a cover that lasts as long as artificial nails. The success was impressive: with the polyHybrid gel-lac, a new service has been launched, which fundamentally defined the future of our profession. This new service attracts a lot of new clients who did not visited nails saloons regularly in the past.  

Crystal Nails offers 3 types of gel polishes:

- Classic 3-step CrystaLac

- ONE STEP CrystaLac

- ONE Step EASY CrystaLac

3 types of gel polishes


The competition of the new effects- self expression with the uniqueness of the nails

It was never too hard to come up with unique nail decoration. But now something is changing: there are even more professional decorations, which can cope with the high standards of the 3 weeks durability. 

The in-built shine is not only plastic but may be minerals (for example the color changing of Crystal Magic is very popular) but also half gem sand (opal sand) or magnetic gel-lac with metal parts (Magnet Gel-Lac); neon white colors or Chameleon gels and gel-lac that change colors to heat. 

The contrast of effects on the nail surface also became trendy: we can cover the parts (or the whole surface) with shiny glittering material and then cover it – or pieces - with a new type of matt cover gel. It is difficult to list the many techniques a Crystal Nails Nail technician can use to make the clients satisfied. 


The meeting of chemistry and electrical engineeringJakob Zoltan - developer

The nail profession was the first industry to attract LED technology – for energy saving lighting -  that has only been developing in the past few years. 

As all the CrystaLac were developed  compatible with LED technology and most Crystal Nails nail gels cure in the superfast lamps,  it is not difficult to predict that within a few years the combined LED and CCFL (spiral UV tubes) lamp, or purely LED lamps will be widespread.


The future of the nail profession

Will there be enough clients in the salons in the future?
Will it remain in fashion to go to a nail salon? The answer is a definite yes.
Certain properties remained unchanged for thousands of years. One of them is the need for being beautiful and being fancied. As long as our profession can renew, and create beauty, there is no problem at all.
With the new gel lac service, and with the more sophisticated, more beautiful, but still long lasting decoration techniques, we are on a good way.

The phrase increasingly becomes an axiom:


“There is no beautiful woman without beautiful nails.” 


Zoltan Jakob

General Director & founder of  Crystal Nails



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