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How to use the ChroMe CrystaLac

Manual guide of Gabo Kovacs, Crystal Nails International Elite Educator



Prepare the nail plate with Soft Touch Buffer and No Buffer Scrub. In order to strengthen the Nails apply:

- Base gel, seal the edges, cure for 3 mins

- Easy Off  Hardener gel, seal the edges, cure for 3 mins

Cleanse the nails, then refine the surface with Soft Touch Buffer, remove the dust!

- The base layer of the ChroMe CrystaLac is the ONE STEP CrystaLac „0”. This is a cleansing free, flexible material. Seal the edges, cure for 3 mins.


Shake the ChroMe color bottle very well before every use, remove the excess material from the brush, leave only a minimal amount. (Actually your brush should seem almost empty, but don't worry, there will be enough material among the hair.) DON'T SEAL THE EDGES! Cure for 3-4 mins.

When it is 100% cured, you can apply the next color layer, very thinly.


- ChroMe Top:

When the second color layer is totally cured, you have to cover it with ChroMe Top. Use ONLY this product as a cover gel, because this is the only top what doesn’t change the color under it! Seal the edges, cure for 3 mins.

-Easy OFF Top gel:

In order to increase the durability of your chrome nails with one week, apply a layer of Easy OFF Top gel over the Chrome Top. Seal the edges, cure for 3 mins.

All products what we used are soak-off!!!



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