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Article about Crystal Nails in Guild News magazine (UK)

For over 10 years Crystal Nails has been offering nail techs an ever-growing collection of professional, creative products. With a range of over 3,500 items, we look at how this innovative brand has become the choice of champions.
Founded in Los Angeles more than a decade ago, Crystal Nails was created to develop new and cutting-edge products, not previously available, launched each fashion season to enable nail professionals to create innovative and cutting-edge designs, with a strong emphasis on artist design.
Founded by beauty expert and advisor Zoltan Jakob, the company brought together the industry knowledge of a strong competitor team along with engineers to develop products, and who would go on to gain international success, winning three World championships, 24 Gold medals at London's Nailympics and 153 other international competitions.
"Testing of the products are carried out by champion nail technicians as well;' explains Zoltan. "The results are atomic strong builder gels, incredible colours with great coverage, creamy acrylics, Giga pigment, fine colour powders and secured quality control."
"Nowadays, Crystal Nails is known as the market leader brand of champions," he adds. "The sales of previous years show that more and more people choose us instead of our competitors. As the founder of Crystal Nails 1 am happy and proud that I could be a part of an unprecedented story like this. Innovation is the keyword of our success!"

Crystal Nails Fact File
• Zoltan Jakob founds Crystal Nails in Los Angeles, California in 2004.
• In 2011, Annamaria Farkas introduces Crystal Nails to the UK.
• Over 3,500 products are now offered in the Crystal Nails range.
• Products and education are available in 29 countries sorldwide.
• Crystal Nails techs have won three World championships, 24 Gold medals at London's Nailympics and 153 other international competitions.
Zoltan continues: "Crystal Nails is a material developed for salon work, but it has that [something) extra that makes our educators win international championships including Gabó Kovacs, five times USA champion, Maria Vigh Malekne international champion, and Zsuzsi Fekete Nailympics, London gold medal winner."
Products are manufactured in the United States and Europe using top quality materials, and today the Crystal Nails' range offers 40 different types of Builder Gels and Acrylics, over 500 coloured Gels, 300 coloured Acrylic powders, along with 300 CrystaLac gel polishes, including their unique One Step CrystaLac system and countless special effects. Plus, the range is so loved by its users, a quirky range of 'We Love Crystal Nails' products is also offered, including everything from diaries and calendars to beach balls and tumblers!

global expansion
Crystal Nails' products and education are now available through partners around the globe including across Europe, America, Africa and Australia. "The 'Crystal family' is growing: we have partners in 29 countries and we are actively searching for new distributors who are just as dedicated to this profession as we are:' says Zoltan.
The products were brought to the UK by Annamaria Farkas, director of the brand's UK distribution and Crystal Nails International Master Educator, in 2011. Annamaria has herself worked in the nail industry for 13 years and won multiple European competitions including the coveted Crystal Nails Hungarian Cup.
She works alongside Educational Manager Kerry Moores, who is also a Crystal Nails International Master Educator, to introduce the brand's wide variety of products and structured education system to UK techs.
"Anna's distinctive style of artwork and skills as a teacher has made her one of the best educators in the UK today," says Zoltan.
Today, their education team spans all corners of UK, with 21 Crystal Nails Educators offering the brand's exclusive style of inspiring and creative teaching.
Last year a new education system was launched and is now widely accredited by a number of different organisations including ABT. Led by Annamaria and Kerry, the UK tmining course has been borne out of the tmining approach taken by the Hungarian team which has produced numerous global champions in technical nails and nail art. "The best feeling is when you see your student become successfbl in the nail industry!" say Annamaria.
As new techniques am discovered all the time, even experienced nail techs can be assured of learning the very latest way to create nails and nail art, and Crystal Nails' education system places a high emphasis on retraining to ensure you keep up-to-date.
"I am happy and proud that I could be a part of an unprecedented story like this. Innovation is the keyword of our success!" - Zoltan Jakob, Crystal Nails' founder
In September 2014, Crystal Nails UK's first Nail Camp was held in Derbyshire. Following the format of Crystal Nails' International Nail Camps, techs from across the country gathered for five days of intensive education with demonstrations and guidance from some of the brandl; leading global educators including World Champion Gabriella Kovacs, European Champion Agnes Sebestyen and 2014 Nail Art Champion Alexandra Mehesz. Each of the 45 attendees achieved one of three levels of qualification. Crystal Nails' Nail Camp 2015 will take place later this year.
After establishing the brand in the UK, Annamaria decided to reopen her nail salon in the UK, working alongside Kerry to open their flagship UK salon in Chelmsford, Essex. Anna will of course continue to head up the running of the brand, and Kerry the education, but both now can also enjoy being back in the salon with clients invited to experience Crystal Nails treatments at the location.
looking ahead
The team have lots planned for 2015 and beyond, including sponsorship of this year's UK Nail Tech and Scottish Nail Tech competitions, and the launch of exciting new product developments. "Crystal Nails UK will of course continue to bring the latest developments in nail products, nail art and education," says Annamaria. "In addition Nail Camp will return, and there am more events and classes being planned for this year and next.
"The team are always looking ahead, and for new and creative ways of bringing our products and education to people all over the UK. It will be another exciting busy year at Crystal Nails UK.'
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