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5 types of annoying clients and how to deal with them

You met them for sure, they make your work harder. Here are some useful advice on how to deal with their attitude without driving them away.

The one who is always late
Somehow she always takes the only road with a traffic jam, or takes the bus with the broken engine. Something always happens to her on the way to your salon, she always has an excuse.
CN advice: Practice while you are waiting! Try out new ideas and motives with your cleansing free Royal Gels and Art Gels. When she arrives you will have a lot of designs for her to choose from. It’s a win-win!
The one who rushes you
Is it ready yet? Can I take it out of the lamp already? She asks a lot and talks about where she is going after. Naturally she wants the most complex decoration on all Nails, but very, very quick because she is already late from somewhere.
CN Advice: Make her ombre nails using 3 Step CrystaLacs and decorate it with Swarovski Crystals or colorful stones. Or get your new cleansing free Baroque gels and make something beautiful. These are easy, fast and dazzling decorations that your client will love!
The one who always knows better (or so she thinks)
She has a strong opinion about everything, she lectures you on curing times and always notices if you do something differently than last time. Although she never seems to be fully satisfied she keeps coming back and sends her friends to you as well.
Cn Advice: Show her products she has never seen before, like new colors of Prysmatic CrystaLac or Chro°Me. She is going to be so astonished she’ll forget her critical attitude.
The one who can’t sit still
She is always moving her fingers in the lamp, even takes it out if her phone rings. As a result the gel won’t be properly cured and it might run out of shape too. You always say nicely that she shouldn’t move but she never listens to you.
CN Advice: Show her your portfolio or one of your designs, When she chooses one, tell her that this decoration requires her to sit still otherwise it won’t be nice. Use your new cleansing free and dense Art Gel painting gels so it will stay in place even if it takes a long time.
The one who is always on her phone
She doesn’t understand why it is annoying when she is browsing the internet on her phone during the whole session. She’s not only chatting or tweeting but even picks up the phone and talks for what seems to be forever. Her hair gets caught in her not yet cured nails and she claims it is your fault not hers.
CN Advice: Next time use ONE STEP CrystaLac on her nails, probably she can manage without her phone for 10 short minutes.
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