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CrystaLac Fall/Winter Colorways Have Arrived!

Color away the autumn blues with CrystaLac's brand new One Step, 3 Step, and TigerEye colorways!

New CrystaLacs Autumn/Winter

One Step CrystaLac’s Fall/Winter Collection Will Color You Impressed

Color away the autumn gloom with One Step CrystaLac’s creamy pastels! Crystal Nails brings you five brand new, classy colorways so that you can find the perfect match for any outfit and immerse yourself in sweet summer memories. Feel the gentle breeze of seaside mornings with Greek Frappe, and recall the calming repetitiveness of the waves splashing against the shore with the modestly sparkling Golden Sand.
In case you desire a different experience, add a layer of mystery to your personality with Smoky Grey, show off your sweetness with Rhubarb Jam, or exude elegance with Dark Terracotta.
One Step CrystaLacs are no cleansing, flexible, soak off gels containing Vitamin A and Vitamin E. They are gentle, durable, and easy to use. Instead of the usual four, you only have to apply one or maximum two layers, as One Step CrystaLacs require neither a base or a top layer, saving you and your client precious time. For the ultimate shine, use One Step CrystaLac 0 or One Step CrystaLac Super Shine Optic. Curing takes 2-3 minutes with UV, and 1-2 minutes with LED, while the duration of the soak-off process is around 8-10 minutes, depending on the nail’s thickness and the amount of solvent used.

CrystaLac One Step

  • Five brand new, creamy pastel variations to color away the autumn gloom

  • Find the perfect match for any outfit or mood: Greek Frappe, Golden Sand, Smoky Grey, Rhubarb Jam, and Dark Terracotta

  • One Step CrystaLacs are no cleansing, flexible, soak off gels containing Vitamin A and E

  • One Step CrystaLacs save you and your client precious time as they require neither a base or a top layer

  • Instead of the usual four, applying a single layer – or maximum two – provides flawless results

  • Curing time: 2-3 minutes with UV, 1-2 minutes with LED

  • Soak off takes around 8-10 minutes

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Dissipate the Autumn Blues With 3 Step Crystalac’s Lively Fall/Winter Colorways!

3 Step Crystalacs deliver extreme durability and vibrant colors in 3 steps! Our innovative PolyHybrid technology provides increased durability and better coverage, while the flat brush makes your job easier by ensuring precise, streak-free results. Thanks to the transparent packaging, 3 Step Crystalacs are aesthetically pleasing, and will accessorize your salon with their high-pigment colors. The fall/winter collection contains six brand new, trendy colorways: modest Pink Nude, sweet Ice Coffee, Blue, reminiscent of the cloudy autumn skies, dynamic Carbonic Grey, festive Fiesta Red, and the autumn version of the spring superstar Astor, recalling the spirit of the spring.

CrystaLac 3Step

  • Extreme durability and vibrant colors in 3 steps

  • Innovative PolyHybrid technology provides better coverage and increased longevity

  • Flat brush ensures precise, streak-free results

  • Transparent packaging spruces up your salon

  • Six fashionable colorways: Astor, Pink Nude, Ice Coffee, Blue, Carbonic Grey, Fiesta Red

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Create Mesmerizing Effects With Tiger Eye Crystalac's New Colorways!

Evoke the tiger's untamable beauty with a quartet of trendy fall/winter colorways! Our unique Tiger Eye effect is immensely popular, hypnotizing nail technicians and their clients alike all over the globe: as you move your hand,
the tiger's eye moves with it, constantly observing your surroundings with the awareness of an apex predator. With the Crystal Nails Tiger Eye Magnets, you can create even more spectacular works of nail art to further impress your clients.
To add some fiery shine to the tiger's eye, apply Super Shine Optic as a finishing touch.

Crystalac Tiger Eye

  • Impress your clients with the hypnotizing Tiger Eye effect

  • 4 brand new colorways

  • Create even more spectacular nail art by using Tiger Eye Magnets

  • Add more shine to the tiger's eye with Super Shine Optic

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