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Brand new nail accessories you must have for a stylish fall/winter season

New CrystaLacs Autumn/Winter

Crystal Nails ChroMirror Chrome Pigment Powders

The most brilliant nail trend of the 2016 fall/winter season lights up your life with gleaming chrome effects and makes your nails shine bright like the autumn Sun. ChroMirror Chrome Pigment Powders are available in a wide range of breathtaking mirror-effect colorways: Silver, Gold, Fine Silver, Chameleon-, Shiny Pearl-, and Multi Pearl-variations, and last not least the iridescent Holo.
The shade or color you get depends on the base you apply ChroMirror Chrome Pigment Powder on. This innovative feature is at its most spectacular when using the Chameleon pigment powders.
ChroMirror is easy to use, all you need to do is massage the powder onto a no-cleansing surface - Royal Gel, ONE STEP CrystaLac, 0/clear ONE STEP CrystaLac, Super Shine Optic, Xtreme Top Shine -, cure it for about a minute, rub it, then top it off with a layer of shine gel. To get perfect adhesion, use Acid-Free Primer, and apply 2 layers of Easy Top Off Gel.

ChroMirror chrome pigment powder

  • Available in a wide range of super shiny colorways

  • Colors and shades depend on the base you use

  • Easy to use, can be cured in a minute

  • Spectacular mirror effect for maximum shine

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Create Dazzling Nail Art In a Matter of Seconds With our Brand New Nail Stamping Tools and Nail Stickers!

Creating spectacular nail art has never been so easy! We've developed our Stamping lacquers specifically for stamping. They come in four colorways, dry quickly, provide perfect coverage, and are denser and more pigmented, allowing you to apply even the most minute patterns, as the lacquer flows flawlessly into the ridges of the Nail Stamp Disc.
Our fall/winter collection also boasts two sets of Nail Stamp Templates, including 12 dizzying abstract patterns, and a Nail Stamp. Apply a layer of Crystal Nails Skin Guard Liquid Skin Protector around the nail bed to easily remove excess material from your client’s skin.

Nail Stamp

Our new arrivals also include 10 beautiful designs of large, floral self-adhesive nail stickers you can apply on the entire nail surface after removing them from the sticker base using only water.

Flower Stickers

  • Stamping Lacquers in four colorways, developed specifically for stamping

  • Amazing selection of abstract Nail Stamp Templates

  • Easy to use

  • Spectacular results in only a matter of seconds

  • Floral, self-adhesive nail stickers you can apply on the entire nail surface

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