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A Crystal Nails Superstar Has Landed in the USA!

Create Spectacular Nails with the Crystal Xtreme TITANIUM Builder Gel and Take Your Nail Sculpting Game to the Next Level!

Crystal Xtreme Titanium Builder Gel

Used by Tens of Thousands of Nail Technicians in Europe

Makes Your Job Easier, Gives Your Clients Perfect Nails

Must-Have Material for Beginners and Experienced Pros

Easy to Use, Ensures Quick and Precise Results

Sculpt Flawlessly Beautiful Short and Long Nails

Added Secret Ingredient Provides Maximum Control


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Try Crystal Xtreme TITANIUM Builder Gel Today and Experience a New Dimension of Nail Sculpting!


Crystal Xtreme TITANIUM Builder Gel has been one of our biggest hits worldwide, and has become a must-have material for all nail technicians from fresh licensees to seasoned professionals. Just ask the tens of thousands of European nail technicians who have made Crystal Xtreme TITANIUM Builder Gel one of the basic items of their nail equipment arsenal!

Easy to Use, Ensures Quick and Precise Results!

TITANIUM Builder Gel is easy to use, and ensures quick and precise results without any hassle, guaranteeing spectacular nails for your clients and a smooth nail sculpting process for you.

Cool Remove Soak Off

Maximum Control, Perfect for Sculpting Short and Long Nails!

Thanks to the secret ingredient we’ve added for much more than flair, TITANIUM Builder Gel boasts maximum control so that you can sculpt flawlessly beautiful short and long nails.

Lightning-Fast Pinch Time!

To make the nail sculpting process even smoother, we have reduced Xtreme TITANIUM Builder Gel’s pinch time to 40-50 seconds and 15-20 seconds using a UV Lamp and a LED lamp, respectively.

For the application of Xtreme TITANIUM Builder Gel, we recommend using softer brushes such as the Gel Brush #6, the Xtreme Gel Brush, or the Nero Merlo II. Brush.


Shop TITANIUM Builder Gel Now!


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