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A Comprehensive Guide to Crystal Nails Base Gels

Knowing which base gel you have to use as an ever-important base coat for the builder gels, acrylic powders, and nail polishes that make up our immense selection of nail supplies is the most crucial prerequisite of getting the exact astonishing results that your clients demand and deserve. To help you get acquainted with our Base Gel product family, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Crystal Nails Base Gels. Enjoy!

Crystal Nails Base Gels

Builder Base Gel

Builder Base Gel brings you the strongest adhesion among the members of the Crystal Nails Base Gel product family. Thanks to its unprecedented adhesion, Builder Base Gel makes working on even the most problematic nails a breeze, evaporating all adhesion difficulties with a quick flick of the wrist. Although Builder Base Gel has thick viscosity, it is surprisingly easy to spread, and the included short brush further smoothens the application process, guaranteeing that you are able to apply Builder Base Gel evenly in a thin layer.

Builder Base Gel

Thick viscosity base gel providing unmatched adhesion and a solution for problematic nails with adhesion difficulties

Easy to spread despite its thick viscosity

Included short brush ensures even application in a thin a layer

Use it as a thin base coat for CrystaLacs (Important note: Due to Builder Base Gel’s adhesion, soakability will decrease!)

Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

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Base Gel

There’s nothing basic about Base Gel! This transparent material is as complex as it gets, merging a trio of functions into one multifaceted gel. Base Gel is capable of facilitating adhesion for nail enhancements and infills, and can also be used as a base coat for CrystaLacs. With its excellent adhesive quality, Base Gel is the perfect aid for problematic nails, preventing lifting in general and lifting that can occur while pinching extreme nail enhancements.

Base Gel

Thick viscosity, exceptionally adhesive, soak-off, multifunctional base gel

Easy to spread

Use it to facilitate adhesion for infills and nail enhancements and as a base coat for CrystaLacs

Tailor-made solution for problematic nails: prevents lifting in general and lifting that can occur while pinching extreme nail enhancements

Cure time: 2-3 minutes (LED), 1-2 minutes (UV)

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Color Up! Base Gel

Give an extra boost to 3 Step CrystaLacs with this color-intensifying base gel! Color Up! is a pure white, flexible, easy-to-soak-off gel that is soft and superbly adhesive at the same time, ensuring that you only have to apply it in a single thin layer – which, thanks to the included soft brush, takes no more than a few seconds.

Color Up! Base Gel

Pure white base gel that dazzlingly intensifies the color of 3 Step CrystaLacs

Magnificently adhesive yet soft, applying it with the included brush is a breeze

Flexible and easy to soak off

Only requires a single thin layer

Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

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