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Crystal Nails Novelties 2017 - The Hottest Nail Art Trends of the Spring/Summer Season!

The 2017 spring/summer Crystal Nails product line brings you a bouquet of novelties setting the hottest nail art trends of the sunshiny season! Learn the unique properties of each innovative nail supply, and let your nail designs bloom!

Crystal Nails Novelties 2017 - The Hottest Nail Art Trends of the Spring/Summer Season!

Cover Pink Base Gel – Rose-colored versatility

Base gel application made easy and rosy! Cover Pink Base Gel is a flexible, soak-off base gel delivering outstanding adhesion and rocking the client- and nail tech-favorite rose pink colorway. Super smooth spreading, exceptional versatility!

Protect artificial Nails! Advanced formula prevents regrowth and staining

Enhance your workflow, save time! Use Cover Pink Base Gel as a base coat for applying gel polish onto French nails

Keep it simple! Create a durable nude gel polish design! Apply two coats of Cover Pink Base Gel, top it off with a coat of Clear/Top 0 CrystaLac

Cure time: 2-3 min. in UV, 1-2 min. in LED

Cover Pink Base Gel

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Glassy CrystaLac – Glimmering, gorgeous glass effects!

The hottest gel polish trend of the 2017 spring/summer season is here! Create jaw-dropping glass effect nails and glimmering nail art patterns recalling the timeless beauty of Tiffany lamps! With the five spellbinding colorways of Glassy CrystaLacs, you can take your creativity to the max, as they are compatible with all 3 Step CrystaLacs, One Step CrystaLacs, and top gels!

Apply Glassy CrystaLacs onto a smooth or sticky surface

Use Super Shine Optic, 0/Clear One Step CrystaLac, or Clear/Top 0 CrystaLac as a top coat

Make your designs even more spectacular with Tiger Eye, Chro°Me or ChroMirror Chrome Pigment Powders, Glass Foil, or Mermaid Powder

Available in five lustrous colorways: Glassy Black, Glassy Pink, Glassy Yellow, Glassy Green, Glassy Blue

Cure time: 3-4 min. in UV, 2-3 min. in LED

Glassy CrystaLac

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Nailfetti Colorful Sequins – Celebrate summer!

It’s raining Nailfetti! Celebrate the arrival of spring and evoke the carefree spirit of summer with the colorful cavalcade of Crystal Nails Nailfettis!

Sprinkle Nailfetti onto the sticky surface of artificial nails and gel polishes

Requires a sealing coat

Available in four reenergizing spring/summer color combos

Nailfetti Colorful Sequins

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Crystal Sugar Dust Decorating Glitter – For the sweetest summer nails!

Yumm! Sugar sprinkle equals ice cream equals - summer! Design delicious sugar effect nails with the multicolored Sugar Dust Decorating Glitter! Perfect for beachside holidays – don’t worry, it won’t melt.

Sprinkle Crystal Sugar Dust on a non-cleansing top coat

Available in four tasty color combinations

Crystal Sugar Dust Decorating Glitter

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