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Wear the colors of spring and summer on your nails! Crystal Nails’ spring/summer trend colorways are here!

Expand your nail art repertoire and become a trendsetter with the brand new colorways of One Step and 3 Step CrystaLacs, Royal Gels, and the all new Satin-Metal Color Gels bringing you the soft, enchanting gloss of satin and pure metallic shine.

Crystal Nails Novelties 2017 - The Hottest Nail Art Trends of the Spring/Summer Season!

Check out the brand new 3 Step CrystaLac 2017 Spring/Summer Trend Colors!

Extreme durability and magnificent colors in 3 steps!

Four new colorways:

3S57 Punch Frosting

3S58 Shimmering Powder

3S59 Vivid Salmon

3S60 Mint Liqueur

3 Step CrystaLacs

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Become a trendsetter with the new One Step CrystaLac 2017 Spring/Summer Trend Colors!

Vivid colors in a matter of seconds!

Four new colorways:

1S45 Punch Frosting

1S46 American Peanut Butter

1S47 Tuscan Sunshine

1S48 Surging Blue

One Step CrystaLacs

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Royal Gel 2017 Spring/Summer Trend Colors!

The royal family of color gels is ready for the sunshiny season!

Five new colorways:

R96 Punch Frosting

R97 American Peanut Butter

R98 Honey Dream

R99 Coral Green

R100 Blue Lagoon

Royal Gels

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Satin-Metal Color Gels – As soft as satin, as shiny as metal

Satin-Metal Color Gels bring you the soft, golden shimmering of a seaside sunrise.

Satin-Metal Color Gels

Available in four exotic spring/summer colorways:

309 Miami pink

310 Thai Orchid

311 Malibu blue

312 Tahiti green

Satin-Metal Color Gels

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