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Let’s talk brushes! - Crystal Nails brush maintenance tips

We’re pretty sure you know that brushes are among the most important tools in any nail tech’s tool kit. Since brushes play an important role in your success, proper brush maintenance is something you should not be slacking on.

As it is with most things in life, brushes do not last forever and need to be changed from time and time again. But with the right maintenance measures, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your brushes, which will in turn save you serious amounts of cash and will help you in building your business. Moreover, tidy and well-kept brushes can be the crown jewels of your salon, serving as testaments to how precise of a person you are and to the fact that your clients are in good hands.

Now let’s take a closer look at the specifics of brush maintenance. Your gel sculpting brushes should always be cleaned with a lint-free towel, and you should always store them with their cap on. Keep your gel sculpting brushes away from sunlight, UV, and LED light. Use separate brushes for clear, color, and glitter materials. Brushes you use for color and glitter materials should be cleaned with brush cleaner liquid.

It’s also advised to clean your gel decoration brushes with brush cleaner liquid, store them with their cap on, and keep them away from sunlight, UV, and LED light.

As for acrylic nail art brushes, thoroughly cleaning them after use is a must, although it is not necessary to soak them into soapy water or any other liquid. Knowing their price tag, natural bristle brushes require extra care and attention: leaving them in water for extended periods of time will damage the bristles. After cleaning, thoroughly wipe the bristles, and store the brushes with their cap on. The same applies to aquarelle brushes.

After you’re done sculpting your latest acrylic masterpiece, soak your acrylic sculpting brushes into liquid (used liquid is a no-go, as it can contain glitters, pigments, and leftover material) and thoroughly wipe both sides. Do the same with acrylic nail art brushes, and store them tip-down. Storing acrylic brushes tip-up will cause the liquid to flow to the ferrule and discolor the bristles.

Keep your brushes in a brush holder, preferably a compact silicone brush case that’s easy to clean and that can always be by your side while you’re working.


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