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Summer is the season of nail problems - Here are 3+1 tips on how to avoid them

Summer is not easy on your clients’ nails – especially when it comes to the color of their nail polish. Here are a few tips to avoid the most common summer nail problems.



1. Color Boost
To enhance color vibrancy (and to delay color fading) use Color Up! Base Gel. This thin viscosity, white, flexible base gel was developed specifically for 3 Step CrystaLacs, giving an extra color boost to your chosen nail polish while providing superb adhesion.

2. Peeling
Salt water damages both the skin and the Nails. If you’d like to boost the durability of your nail polish, apply a coat of Easy Off Hardener Gel. For gel nails, use the flexible, soak-off Cool Builder Gel product family. For extra adhesion, use Builder Base Gel!

3. Dryness
Salt water can not only cause your nails to peel off, but it also dries your skin. The perfect remedies for dry skin are Cuticle Oil and the 99 percent pure Almond Oil. Almond oil is known for its hydrating and nourishing effect. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, and makes your cuticles super soft.

+1 Fading
Summer brings sky-high UV levels. As the Sun fades the color of your clothes, it can do the same to the color of your nail polish. Although Crystal Nails top coats are equipped with UV filters, sunbathing for hours on end will eventually fade nail polish colors. This is something you should always warn your clients about.



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