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Crystal Nails' Autumn/Winter Trend Colorways are here!

Expand your nail art repertoire and become a trendsetter with the brand new colorways of Full Diamond, 3 Step and One Step CrystaLacs.

Crystal Nails Novelties 2018 - The Coolest Nail Art Trends of the Autumn/Winter Season!

The new Full Diamond 3 Step CrystaLac 2018 Autumn/Winter Trend Colors have arrived!

As the sunshine sparklingly shine on the falling autumn leaves, you can smuggle a pinch of glitter onto your Nails. Say goodbye to the gloominess of the rainy season with these new Full Diamond 3 STEP CrystaLac colors!

Three new colorways:




Full Diamond 3 Step CrystaLacs

Get the Full Diamon 3 Step CrystaLacs now

Check out the brand new 3 Step CrystaLac 2018 Autumn/Winter Trend Colors!

Secret weapons for autumn: you cannot miss these super shades such as the newest shade of soft white: 3S88 Ivory, the new 3S89 Peachy fig or the daring 3S90 Diplomatic blue. In cooler period choose the new 3S91 Sweet chili. Perfect choices!

Four new colorways:

3S88 Ivory

3S89 Peachy Fig

3S90 Diplomatic Blue

3S91 Sweet Chili

3 Step CrystaLacs

Get the 3 Step CrystaLacs now

Become a trendsetter with the new One Step CrystaLac 2018 Autumn/Winter Trend Colors!

You do not have to give up colors in autumn, just darker shades conquer, as well as in clothes and accessories. Warmer shades emerge such as the new 1S65 Military green, the new 1S66 Satin iris or the new 1S67 Gentle purple.

Three new colorways:

1S65 Military Green

1S66 Satin Iris

1S67 Gentle Purple

One Step CrystaLacs

Get the One Step CrystaLacs now

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