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Color Gel 2018 Autumn/Winter Trend Colors have arrived!

Color away the autumn blues with the brand new Royal Gel, Color Gel, and Art Gel colorways!

Crystal Nails Novelties 2018 - The Coolest Nail Art Trends of the Autumn/Winter Season!

The new Royal Gel 2018 Autumn/Winter Trend Colors have arrived!

The new trend colors are the following: the feminine R124 Tea Pink, the stylish Mud Therapy R125 and the trendiest one is the Khaki R126. You can combine the shades of chocolate and caramel with the new R127 Luscious nougat and R128 Silky chinchilla. Try the natural version of purple: the new R129 Peachy fig!

Six new colorways:

R124 Tea Pink

R125 Mud Therapy

R126 Khaki

R127 Luscious Nougat

R128 Silky Chinchilla

R129 Peachy Fig

Full Diamond 3 Step CrystaLacs

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Check out the brand new Color Gel 2018 Autumn/Winter Trend Colors!

Pastel colors are still in fashion! Choose from the slightly sparkly, caressing colors like the natural Rose Opal, the feminine Rodonit, icy Chalcedon or silky Ametist quartz.

Four new colorways:

313 Rose Opal

314 Rodonit

315 Chalcedon

316 Ametist Quartz

3 Step CrystaLacs

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Create perfect gradient with the new Art Gel Painting gels!

A new generation of art gels for the decoration lovers. Extremely strong pigmentation, dense, non-cleansing gel which covers in a thin layer. Features timeless workability thus we can decorate indefinitely. You can use it for the popular One Move technique, gel painting for painting thin lines or contours. With the Art Gel, the color gradients are more homogenous and the designs are more vivid and lively. Cures in UV and in LED lamp as well. 3 new gap-filling shades have been added to the 13 colors so far: brown, olive green, purple.

Three new colorways:

Art Gel Purple

Art Gel Olive

Art Gel Brown

One Step CrystaLacs

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