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Compact Base Gel – Gel-lac Technique

How does Compact Base Gel change the technique of gel-lac?

Compact Base Gel – Gel-lac Technique

Classical gel-lac technique:

We are talking about this technique when your guest would like to get long lasting (2 weeks), natural effect gel-lac. We can keep Nails healthy if we remove the gel-lac by soaking off.
First we should use a softer buffer to protect the natural nails. The disadvantage of using softer buffer it doesn’t make the gel-lac long-lasting.
But using Compact Base gel solve that problem! It has the best adhesive strength among all base gels. First put a thin layer of Compact Base Gel, then comes the color and top-shine to follow – you can soak it off easier because it has a thin base layer. On Compact Base gel we suppose to put 3 Step & One Step CrystaLac.
You can skip applying Top Shine in case of One Step CrystaLac. The result can be even thinner.

Full Diamond 3 Step CrystaLacs

Strenghten „new line” gel-lac technique:

This technique is more developed and more complex than the classical one. It is important to detach the two technique. It looks different and the durability is not the same as well.
To reach a long lasting (3-4 weeks) gel-lac you should apply Compact Base Gel (any color) on the natural prepared nails (prepare them with a fine file). Before curing drop a smaller quantity of material to the middle of the nails and start to mix it with your brush until you get a perfectly smooth surface (C-curve). This will be the base of the nails.
Then apply 3 Step or One Step CrystaLac in 1-2 layer(s) and cover it with Top Shine. This is a similar procedure than making the base. You should mix the Top Shine with brush until you get a surface on what the shine does not break and it creates a nice curve.
Next time you don’t have to soak off the nails. Only you have to abrade the color from the nail surface and the basic stays on the nails. So this tehcnique protects your natural nails from thinning.

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