CN Nail Liquid - Odourless 3.38 fl oz


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CN Nail Liquid - Odourless 3.38 fl oz

    Product description

    Odorless liquid.

    Odorless, clear liquid. It is characterized by a long-time shaping time Compared to the old version liquids, it does not give room to yellowing.

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    A sticky layer remains on its surface, and you have to file less.

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    BekahBoo - 6 months ago

    Hello I was wondering if this odorless monomer contains EMA or MMA?

    CN - answered 6 months ago

    No, it doesn't contain EMA or MMA.

    Mary Maliszczak - 8 months ago

    How long is this supposed to take to fully dry with the xtreme crystal clear powder? I used it last night for the first time and it didn’t seem like it wanted to dry

    CN - answered 7 months ago

    The odorless liquids have a slower cure time than the regular monomers. They leave a gummy layer on the top after they cured that you have to scrap off first before you can file the nail. You have to build the nail slightly higher than what you otherwise would.