Carbide Drill Bits

Carbide Drill Bits
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Crystal Nails Carbide Drill Bits – File, shape, remove! Using a nail drill saves you precious time and can be of great assistance in growing your nail technician business by allowing you to execute a wide variety of filing, shaping, and removal tasks much faster than you could with any traditional nail file.

As it is with everything in life, outstanding results require great effort, so before being able to save time, you must put in the time to master the use of carbide bits. Crystal Nails Acrylic Drill Bits are available in different sizes, are made of different materials – with the latter being a significant factor in determining the price of each nail drill bit -, and are consequently suited for different nail technician tasks. Best drill bits are sold separately and in preselected carbide drill bits sets.

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Drill Bit Holder

Suitable for holding 16 pieces of drill bit



Drill Bit Holder

Easy Refill Carbide Bit

Ideal for sculpting and filling gel, acrylic and acrylgel.



Easy Refill Carbide Head

Dry manicure drill bit kit

With the brand new drill bit kit (6pcs) you can perfectly perform...



Dry manicure drill bit

Two new bits for Dry Manicure kit.



Xtreme Titanium Drill Bit

Powered by German stainless steel



Nail Drill Bit Kit

Diamond nail bit- and Emery ring Kit.



Pedi Drill Bit Kit

Diamond bit kit for pedicure.



6 pcs

Ceramic Bit

Pain- and resonance-free usage.



Emery Rings

For the artificial nails shaping and removing.



Emery Ring - Holding Shaft

Emery Ring - Holding Shaft



Emery Ring - Holding Shaft

Surface Refiner Drill Bit

Can fully replace the filing of the surface.


Diamond Bit

Diamond Drill Bits – Affordable gems




Nice bit for dry manicure
Olena Verbovska Verified Buyer
on Feb 10, 2018

With this bit cuticle area looks nicely and smooth!