CN Drill Bit - Carbide "Bowl" SMALL


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CN Drill Bit - Carbide "Bowl" SMALL

    Product description

    Strong nail drill bits

    Carbide Drill Bits – Carbide classics

    Carbide Drill Bits are the most popular and most often-used drill bits, as they are durable and strong, and are available at affordable prices, guaranteeing a superb bang-for-your-buck deal. Carbide Drill Bits are made of tungsten carbide, a tough-as-nails material, and are equipped with minuscule blades capable of removing acrylics as if they were made of melted butter.

    Moreover, Carbide Drill Bits ensure dust-free removal, saving you and your clients from having to inhale the dreaded acrylic dust. Carbide Drill Bits are sold in three shapes: cone, cylinder, and bowl.

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