Xtreme Clear Builder Gel

Xtreme Clear Builder Gel brings xtreme versatility to the nail technician table, as it is ideal for sculpting a wide range of nails: long nails, short nails, and also extreme nail shapes. Xtreme Clear Builder Gel comes equipped with a UV filter and a curing accelerator agent.

  • Crystal clear, non-yellowing, thick viscosity builder gel
  • Outstanding durability, yet easy to pinch
  • Cure it gradually to avoid heat spikes!
  • Apply it with a harder brush: Nero Merlo III Brush or Firm Gel Brush
  • Pinch time: 10-15 sec. (UV), 5-8 sec. (LED)
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Xtreme Titanium Builder Gel

Medium viscosity builder gel with water-like clarity. Thanks to the added self-levelling formula, it is easy to work with, which makes it a perfect material for less experienced nail technicians. Use it to build short and long nails.

  • Crystal clear, medium viscosity builder gel
  • Easy to pinch, does not flow despite its excellent spreadability
  • Apply it with a softer brush: Xtreme Gel Brush, Nero Merlo II, or Gel 6
  • Pinch time: 40-50 sec. (UV), 15-20 sec. (LED)
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Xtreme Cool Builder Gel

Innovative builder gel containing a low-heating formula to save your clients from the dreaded heat spikes that can occur during the curing process. We have fine-tuned Xtreme Cool Builder Gel’s flexibility and viscosity according to the requirements of salon-grade materials. The result of our efforts is a durable, adhesive builder gel that stays intact no matter which nail shape you opt for.

  • Crystal clear, non-yellowing, medium viscosity builder gel
  • Its qualities make it an ideal builder gel for salon work
  • Excellent durability, adhesion, and flexibility
  • Pinch time: 20-25 sec. (UV), 8-10 sec. (LED)
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Gum Builder Gel

The exceptionally flexible Gum Builder Gel contains a self-levelling formula ensuring a degree of adhesion that very few builder gels are capable of. Nails sculpted with Gum Builder Gel adjust to the nail plate’s natural movement, so your client can be sure that her nails remain intact and beautiful and will neither break nor lift. Due to Gum Builder’s latter quality, it should only be used with similarly flexible Crystal Nails products.

  • Non-soak-off, medium viscosity builder gel with water-like clarity
  • Unparalleled flexibility and adhesion optimized for salon work and for sculpting natural length nails
  • Apply it with softer brushes such as Nero Merlo II, Xtreme Gel Brush, or Gel 6 Brush
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)

Builder Clear Gel I

Builder Clear Gel I’s capabilities are boosted with a color-intensifying agent, which gives this transparent builder gel a barely noticeable bluish tint, and which, more importantly makes the nail bed and the free edge pop out even more. If you’re at the early stages of your nail technician career, you are going to love how easy it is to mold Builder Gel I once it softens on the natural nail plate. Speaking of natural: Builder Clear I cannot be pinched, thus we recommend it for sculpting natural length nails.

  • Thick viscosity builder gel with a jellylike consistency that softens once Builder Clear Gel I gets into contact with your hand or the natural nail plate
  • Apply it with softer brushes such as Nero Merlo II, Xtreme Gel Brush, or Gel 6 Brush
  • Only cures in a UV lamp in 2-3 minutes

Builder Clear Gel II

If your client has a sensitive nail plate and is looking to get natural length nails, Builder Clear Gel II should be your go-to transparent builder gel. The spectacular mirror shine that Builder Clear Gel II gets once you cure it makes this crystal clear material an ideal choice for creating all sorts of gel decorations.

  • Acid-free, soft builder gel with water-like clarity
  • Gets a mirror shine after curing
  • Tailor-made for creating natural length nails and gel decorations
  • Can’t be pinched
  • Apply it with softer brushes such as Nero Merlo II, Xtreme Gel Brush, or Gel 6 Brush
  • Cure time: 2-3 min. (UV), 1-2 min. (LED)