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Builder Clear II Gel 0.17 fl oz



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Builder Clear II Gel 0.17 fl oz

    Product description

    Transparent, soft builder gel.

    Crystal clear, soft, acid-free builder gel. Does not contain a color intensifying agent, and consequently lacks a blueish or purplish tint. Has a mirror shine after curing, which, along with its consistency, makes it ideal for creating a variety of ornaments and patterns. 

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    Recommended for tip overlays and for sculpting natural length nails. Cannot be pinched. Perfect for quick, precise results and for clients with a sensitive nail plate. Apply it with softer brushes. Cure time in a UV lamp is 2-3 minutes, in a LED lamp 1-2 minutes. LED/UV SYSTEM.

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    Builder Clear I and Builder Clear II are mainly recommended for salon work.

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    Product Reviews

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    4 out of 5

    Maria J. Lapointe: builder gels (Nov 22, 2014 7:17PM)

    I've just started to sculpt gel nails and bought this product to do a simple overlay over my natural nail. I have to admit that you really have to practice using this product but it is easy to apply and a little difficult to smooth and even out.

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    Katie - 3 years ago

    Do you apply this product straight to the nail? Or you need to put a gel base coat for it first? And also can you create a little bit of length with nail form using this product ? Or it is too soft and will break?

    cn - answered 3 years ago


    Yes, you can apply it straight to the nail. This gel is perfect for overlays and short extensions.  For longer nails we recommend Xtreme Cool or Xtreme Clear Gel

    Adina - 3 years ago

    Would this gel be good for making custom glitter gel? Would adding glitter affect the cure time for this product?

    CN - answered 3 years ago

    Hi, we don't recommend mixing glitter into our builder gels, mixing it can create air bubbles.