Color gels

Color gels
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(28 reviews)

Highly pigmented Color Gels are available in nearly 500 colorways, ensuring that you can realize even your wildest gel nail art visions, including delicate 3D nail art masterpieces, as they do not flow and cure fast – most of them both in UV and LED. Whether it’s a glow-in-the-dark specialty or a Hypernova Decoration Gel reminiscent of a jaw-dropping stellar explosion, this multifarious selection brings you heaps of spectacular effects.

Due to the unique Crystal Nails gel material and the high pigment content, these color nail gels have an extremely good coverage and color brightness. The material does not flow, 3D effect lines can be easily drawn with them. The intensive colors also cure fast. You can find almost 500 colors and a lot of surface effects in this category of color gel nails. 

With a constantly expanding selection of over 500 colorways, Crystal Nails Color Gels cover the entire color spectrum and come equipped with a wide range of spectacular effects so that you can take your nail art designing game to the next level.

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Royal Gel

Royal gel - cleansing free color gel, perfect coverage in one layer!


Camea Gel

Non-cleansing, transparent, glittery, very dense nail art gels.


Stamping Color Gel

Make your work easier with the Stamping Color Gel


RoyalCream Color Gels

Cleansing-free, ultra-pigmented color gel



0.10 fl oz

Art gel - painting gel

Dense painting gel.



Baroque gel

For metallic, 3D baroque effect designs.



Lace Gel

Extremely dense, indefinitely formable new nail art gel.



Brilliant gel

The specialty of the Crystal Nails BRILLIANT color gel collection...


Decor gel

Due to the unique Crystal Nails gel material and the high pigment...


Ice Metal gel

Metallic shine of the frosty winter colors.


Laser Brill gel

Due to the special micas, the Laser Brill color gels breathtakingly...


Crystal Magic gel

Exciting, spectacular effect with minerals instead of micas.


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I love creating my own gemstones!
Guin Deadman Verified Buyer
on Apr 5, 2018

Makes beautiful pearly gemstones! Great for making dimensional flower petals too!

Amazing pigments!
Guin Deadman Verified Buyer
on Apr 5, 2018

These gels are perfect for painting, very heavily pigmented and great consistency. Intermixable to create millions of colors. A must have for any nail artist.

Vuong Ho Verified Buyer
on Jan 13, 2018

It’s so pigmented and cured without leaving a sticky layer! Thicker consistency than Royal gels. A great alternative for foil transfer technique

Kelly Williams Verified Buyer
on Mar 28, 2017

I ordered the FD1 just because​I was close to free shipping and needed just a few more dollars to get it. I was absolutely STUNNED when I opened the jar. It's absolutely magnificent. The color and sparkle is just gorgeous. Works like a dream. I have now ordered 5 more colors. I wish they weren't so expensive but for the amount and quality it's well worth it. It's also a quality product so I don't mind paying for something I know is worth it. I cannot wait til my other colors get here. I plan to purchase the entire collection of colors but an having to do them a few at a time. Grab this one ladies you will NOT be sorry!!!!!! Also shipping was pretty fast 2 days I believe.

on Mar 24, 2017

looks good in the dark

Marijana C. Verified Buyer
on Mar 7, 2017


My customers love this
Caroline Bryant
on Apr 25, 2016

The 624 Neon sugar came in a pack and I love it such a dramatic yet soft colour my clitents love it. Will definitely buy more of this.

Beautiful colors!
Randi Sanderson Verified Buyer
on Jan 25, 2016

I love the colors and so do my Clients! Crystal Nails are Excellent!

on Oct 6, 2015

Just ordered! Can't wait to try it!!!!!!!!

Frances Adams
on Oct 5, 2015

808 is my new love! I'd marry this gel!!! :DDD