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Art gel PRO blue 0.1 fl oz



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Art gel PRO blue 0.1 fl oz

    Product description

    Creamy, soft, strongly pigmented art gel and the decoration has never been easier. The favorite attributes of the Art Gel remained unchanged: strong coverage even with a thin layer, non cleansing. The Art Gel Pro has a better, different consistency, which is easier to handle. The work with this product is way faster and the result will be more homogeneous. We can draw a long and thin ner line, it won’t break. The brush is almost glid by itself on the surface. It is a perfect choice for contouring, for drawing thin lines due to the color’s intensity. The Art Gel and The Art Gel Pro can be mixed together, so the variety of colors is spectacular.

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    will nguyen - 4 months ago

    What the difference compare to royal gel??

    CN - answered 3 months ago

     Royal gels are not for painting designs. These are Creamy, soft, and highly pigmented art gels.