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Gel nail kit

Gel nail kit
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(10 reviews)

The greatest hits of Crystal Nails Nail Gels offered at unbeatable prices. Sculpt, color, create! Try the gel nail starter kits of Crystal Nails! With the help of these gel nail sets you can even create wonderful gel nails at home.

The best color gel nails kits- here you can find the trendiest and the most popular color gel nail kits.

With the help of them you can create amazing gel nail art designs, or create durable free edges. 

In this category you can find the new generation of color gels: The Royal gel. You don't have to cleanse them. They contain extremely high amount of pigments. so they cover perfectly even in one layer. You can even create 3D effect with them. You can also find the classic gel nail colors  in wide range of  effects.

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Builder gel Trial Kits

Test the champion builder gels of Crystal Nails!




Ombre Box Winter Kit

With the use of the tools in the box, you can create unique color...




CN Ombre Box Winter

Royal gel kits ( 4 x 0.15 fl oz)

4 amazing cleansing free Royal gels in a kit!




Color gel kits (4 x 0.17 fl oz)

4 classic UV/LED color gels in a kit.





Candace Crupi Verified Buyer
on Dec 7, 2018

The pkg is out together nicely. The led/UV nail dryer looks beautiful. Hopefully it works like it says. To be continued...

Titanium Gel Kit
Ashley Thornton Verified Buyer
on Aug 29, 2015

Really liked this set! Alot of product to test out! Loved It!!

Hannah Steel
on Jun 30, 2015

Ha Jae Kyung: Because of its flexibility it works only for shorter nails and must be combined with flexible tops (like easy off top gel or top seal light). No base needed (specially not a non-flexable one). Sometimes I use it under gel polish as a ridge filler for my problematic clients ;)

Gum gel
Ha Jae Kyung
on Jun 21, 2015

I try them and do I love them. They are so pretty, but no base coat and it get chipping. :(

Good price
Gaby Small
on May 8, 2015

I buy only kits, better price compared to single gels.

J. Ford
on Feb 20, 2015

I tried them and loved them. I can't explain but I turned to be a titanium fan.

I always buy kits
Hannah Steel
on Feb 20, 2015

Kits are always cheaper compared to single products. I'm happy to see that CN offers so many of them.

Georgia Summers
on Feb 16, 2015

4 amazing colors in ak kit. Can't wait to buy all of them.

on Nov 23, 2014

Great product family. Fantastic delivery time!

Margaret J. Edwards
on Nov 5, 2014

Only 1 layer is enough to create the perfect design (high pigment content). Cool color selection.