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Ombre Box Winter Kit



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CN Ombre Box Winter

    Product description

    With the use of the tools in the box, you can create unique color and pattern combination.

    Only your fantasy is the limit. Use Cover Pink Base Gel as a babyboomer and/or ombre base, or use it as a base gel. Create nice color gradients or 3D patterns with Royal Cream gels. With MattEver top gel, give extra matte base for the patterns created with Ombre stick templates. 

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    Ashley Davey - 4 weeks ago

    What is included with the Ombre box?

    CN - answered 4 weeks ago

    • 1 pc  Cover Pink Base Gel 4ml
    • 1 pc  MattEver gel 4ml
    • 1 pc T02 Ombre Stick Template 
    • 1 pc T04 Ombre Stick Template 
    • 1 pc T05 Ombre Stick Template 
    • 1 pc Ombre brush
    • 1 pc Royal Cream 1 (white) 3ml
    • 1 pc Royal Cream 14 (silver) 3ml
    • 1 pc Royal Cream 15 (rosegold) 3ml


    CynthIa melchior - 1 year ago

    I just got an Ombré box but there are no instructions. Don’t know how to use.

    CN - answered 1 year ago

    Please follow the instructions that you can find on our website for each item included in the box. There are several useful videos on our website, and you can also find step by steps on our Facebook page as well.