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Gel nail polish

Gel nail polish
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(26 reviews)

CrystaLac Gel Polishes were developed through the tireless work of Crystal Nails’ chemical engineers and international champion nail technicians. 3 Step CrystaLacs and One Step CrystaLacs bring the best of both worlds: the softness of nail polishes and the durability of nail gels. Easy application, diamond-tough durability. Available in dozens of effects and hundreds of colorways.

The color hybrid material of the future is the result of a serious research & development. CrystaLac gel nail polishes combine the durability of gels with the softness of nail polishes (gel like nail polishes). Perfect adhesion, maximal coverage characterizes them. 

The Crystal Nails professional nail supplies brand offers 3 gel polish systems for nail technicians from which it is advised to choose according to each client’s demands. Each system offers a different duration of damage-free durability for average wear: for the 3 STEP system, it’s 3 weeks, for the One Step technique, it’s 14 days, and last not least for the One Step Easy technique, it’s 8-10 days. The durability for the latter two techniques can be extended with the use of TOP materials (top coats).

Crystal Nails gel nail polish colors are available in an unparalleled selection. With our gel polish colors and hypnotizing effects, you’ll surely be able to impress all your clients! Gel nail polish kits provide a budget-friendly way to get ahold of the latest trend colors or bestseller colors at unbeatable prices in gel polish sets.


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Decor CrystaLac

Beautiful decor gel polish shades, easy to apply, easy to soak off


One Step CrystaLac Gel Polish

Fast work thin wear! UV/LED system. 2-3 weeks durability


One Step CrystaLac - in matching bottles

One Step CrystaLac - in matching bottles


One Step Easy CrystaLac Gel Polish



3 Step CrystaLac in matching bottles

Extreme durability and vibrant colors in 3 steps


Chro°Me CrystaLac



Tiger Eye CrystaLac gel polish



Clear/TOP CrystaLac gel polish

More solvable,supershiny Cleart top CrystaLac gel polish




0.14 fl oz

GLASSY Crystalac

Glimmering, gorgeous glass effect!


WaterPro CrystaLac Gel Polish

Non-cleansing, soak off CrystaLac, for professional „Waterway”...




Chro°Me CrystaLac gel nail polish kit

The 3 hottest Chro°Me colors in a gel nail polish kit!




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What is gel nail polish? - Gel Manicure

What is gel nail polish? - Gel Manicure

Today, gel polish or gel manicure provides one of the most popular nail decorating techniques.

It is easy to apply, yet the gel nail designs you can create with it are nothing short of spectacular and are also gentle on the nails. There are multiple acrylic nail polish systems, but the one thing they have in common is the way they are applied. The essence of this technique is that you apply a gel material that cures in UV lamp or LED lamp onto the natural or sculptured nail, then cure it in UV or LED nail lamp to create a durable coat that’s still relatively easy to remove.

The most common technique consists of three steps: first you apply a base coat, then comes the color, and then, to top off your design in a super shiny and super stylish way, you apply a top coat (3 STEP technique). But there’s a simplified technique, the so-called One Step technique which does not require either a base or a top coat.

Different gel nail polish brands offer different levels of durability and different soak-off times. The 3 STEP best gel nail polish provides 3-4 weeks of damage-free wear, which is 7-14 days in the case of the One Step technique. Durability and solubility, as you would guess, counteract each other. A technique providing a 14-day durability can be soaked off in 5-10 minutes, while a technique providing 3 weeks of durability can be soaked off in 25 minutes.

How to remove gel nail polish

How to remove gel nail polish

Removing UV gel polish is quite simple, you can remove gel nail polish at home.

Gel nail polish can be removed with an acrylic remover liquid. By keeping the liquid on the nail surface for 5-20 minutes, the UV nail polish will soften up and you’ll be able to remove it with a lint-free towel. You can keep the liquid on the nail using a soak-off bowl, remover foil, or soak-off caps. One Step Easy gel polish can be removed with a material designed specifically for this purpose, Gel Nail Polish Remover.


Love it!
YUNA MYERS Verified Buyer
on Jun 30, 2019

Best manicure file ever!

One step 31
Gabriella Regina Molnar Verified Buyer
on Dec 2, 2018

This is one of my favorite products of this season and I buy it because it is a favorite of my clients.It is very easy to apply and the pigmentation, color is very good.

Fall favorite!
Linda J Reyes Verified Buyer
on Sep 20, 2018

This color is sooo gorgeous for Autumn. It’s a rich glittery metallic brown.

Firecracker red!
Linda Reyes Verified Buyer
on Jun 22, 2018

This red is exploding with color! It’s a beautiful bright warm red with a shimmering sheen that I’ve nicknamed Firecracker Red! My perfect choice for a Patriotic manicure. Stir well to reveal true metallic depth.

Beautiful glassy colors.
Guin Deadman Verified Buyer
on Apr 5, 2018

The clarity is wonderful, no cloudiness. Very gorgeous colors. Intermixable to create other colors.

Love this product
Ramona Scaggs Verified Buyer
on Feb 17, 2018

My clients and I love this products. We 'experiment' with different designs and effects.

Love it!
Cristina Costin Verified Buyer
on Jan 14, 2018

Love these polishes! So pigmented, fast and no trouble finding colours due to the matching bottles! I use them mostly over gel, but they work great on natural nails as well.

on Oct 6, 2015

Attend a Crystal Nails course in your area to learn the perfect way of using chrome.I did so, no regret! Since then it is easy to use for me.

on Oct 6, 2015

Attend a Crystal Nails course in your area to learn the perfect way of using chrome.I did so, no regret! Since then it is easy to use for me.

on Oct 6, 2015

Attend a Crystal Nails course in your area to learn the perfect way of using chrome.I did so, no regret! Since then it is easy to use for me.