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Gel nail supplies

Gel nail supplies
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Professional, top quality nail gels for beginner and experienced nail technicians. The choice of International and Nailympic Champions.

Since Crystal Nails prides itself on being a nail supplies pioneer, the company has put serious efforts into developing industry-leading nail gel products with the leadership of chemical engineers, award-winning nail technicians, and visionary executives. The results of years of hard work are impossible to ignore, as Crystal Nails Nail Gels have become household names in the industry and the go-to sculpting materials for some of the best nail technicians in the world. Currently, the ever-growing gel selection is made up of four major product categories: Builder Gels, Color Gels, Top and Base Gels, and Soak-Off Gels. Gels are also sold in nail gel kits containing bestselling and essential nail products such as Color Gels and Builder and Cover Pink Gels.

Unleash your nail sculpting and nail decorating creativity with a varied selection of innovative Crystal Nails Nail Gels! Extreme flexibility. Seamless adhesion. Trendsetting technologies. The choice of champion nail technicians worldwide.

Innovative Crystal Nails nail gels for sculpting and decorating. A broad selection of builder gels, base and top gels, and color gels.

Can beginner nail technicians use Crystal Nails Nail Gels?

Sure. Whether you’ve just started out on your nail technician journey or you’re a seasoned nail tech veteran with years of experience, you’ll find working with these gel nail products breeze. Crystal Nails Nail Gels are extremely flexible, provide perfect adhesion, and, unlike acrylic powders, are completely odorless. Another thing that makes these products stand out from the crowd of professional nail supplies is that they cure both in UV and LED light, so all you need to create spectacular gel nails is a UV lamp or a LED lamp.


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Xtreme Cool Gel

Crystal clear, medium thick gel, reduced heat formula. For salon work




0.17 fl oz


Xtreme builder Gel with citrus scent


Hardener Sand

Very fine dust for strengthening the nail.




0.35 fl oz

Ornament gel 0.17





Xtreme Clear gel

Clear, thick viscosity, strongest builder gel. For professionals




0.5 fl oz

Xtreme White gel

Blindingly white, but cures well.




Cover Pink gel

For nail bed extension – for darker skin tone




0.17 fl oz

Cover Refill Hard Gel

A more dense version of the new bestseller Cover Refill hard gel.




0.5 fl oz

Royal Gel

Royal gel - cleansing free color gel, perfect coverage in one layer!


Art gel - painting gel

Dense painting gel.




Lace Gel

Extremely dense, indefinitely formable new nail art gel.




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What are gel nails?

What are gel nails?

UV nail gel is a single-component artificial nail material that cures in UV light, creating a flexible, durable coat on the natural nail.

The science of UV gels is much younger than that of acrylics. Acrylics have been in development for decades, while nail gels have only been in the spotlight for about a decade. In the early stages of R&D, there were some well-documented difficulties: hard gels caused lifting, while UV gel nails were brittle, dusted like none other during filing, and yellowed in no time. Today, these problems are slowly but surely becoming afterthoughts.

The majority of freshly licensed nail technicians prefer UV gels. This can be attributed to the differences in the two techniques and to the recent results of nail gel research and development. Hard gel is premixed and ready-to-use, which means that nail technicians do not have to put up with either the hassle of having to find the right acrylic powder-liquid ratio or the unpleasant odor of liquid.

The nail product industry has been able to develop gels that provide strong adhesion, do not yellow, are not brittle, and do not produce tons of dust when you file them. During the development of fake nails, it was a priority to ensure that gel for nails cause as little of a burning sensation while being cured in UV as possible.

Gel nails vs Acrylic nails

Gel nails vs Acrylic nails

From a client’s standpoint, there aren’t too many differences between a gel nail and an acrylic nail.

Thanks to major innovations, both have outstanding qualities – if they are produced by a brand putting innovation at the heart of their activity, that is. Hard gel nails offer more flexibility and a more natural feel, so its ever-growing popularity is understandable.

Comparison from a nail technician’s point of view

Pros of Gel Nails

  • UV gel cures in UV nail lamp and LED nail lamp, so there is no reason to hurry with either application or spreading
  • Cure time is not influenced by outside factors
  • There are a variety of viscosities, so whether you’re a beginner or a highly experienced nail tech, you can work quickly and precisely
  • UV gel nails are flexible, strong, durable, and more resistant to outside factors, and are not soluble in a wide range of chemicals

Cons of Gel Nails

  • Produces a fine dust during filing you should not breathe in, hence wearing a dust mask is recommended
  • Extreme nail shapes are harder to pinch than acrylics
  • Due to its softness, some nail shapes are harder to create
  • Curing gel in UV can cause a burning sensation


Pros of Acrylic Nails

  • Easy removal
  • Since acrylics cure while you are working on other nails, cure time is significantly less, which speeds up the whole work process

Cons of Acrylic Nails

  • When exposed to air, acrylics begin to cure right after you blend acrylic powder and liquid, which in turn limits the time you have to spread the material – something that’s definitely a problem for most beginners
  • Finding the right acrylic powder-liquid ratio is tough for beginners
  • The liquid’s strong odor is not ideal for salon work, it is not even allowed in many salons

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Gina Levario Verified Buyer

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS gel. Works wonderfully especially for Your clints with long nails. It has never disappointed me. It is a must have product Your collection.

Love royal gel
Melanie Verified Buyer
on Feb 27, 2021

I just love these colors! They are so rich even when applied really thin!

Lace gel white
Sascha Narvaez Verified Buyer
on May 5, 2020

Omg this is a good product, easy to work . And the shipping was fast!! I want more of this Lace gel.

1978. 80.street, 2.floor/side door
Marta Kovacs Verified Buyer
on Apr 3, 2020

I love this product, very strong.

Great product
Jaclyn schwartz Verified Buyer
on Mar 30, 2020

I have purchased several other products from crystal nails, including other gels, brushes, forms and tips and I have never been unhappy with a purchase. These are great, high quality products. This is however my favorite of their gels I have tried; this is the third time I have ordered it and i find it easy to work with on natural nails, tips, or to sculpt nails with a form. I will be trying out some more products from CN abut this is my go-to!

Super pigmented
Aniko Singer Verified Buyer
on Mar 5, 2020

I really like the royal gels. All the colors r so pigmented , one layer gives full coverage.

Best builder gel!
Aniko Singer Verified Buyer
on Mar 5, 2020

I have been using this builder gel for a while now and it is the best. Its very easy to use, it does not run.

Great product's
Delores Carritti Verified Buyer
on Nov 7, 2019

I absolutely love the products!

The best!!!
Yatnai Torok Rodriguez Verified Buyer
on Jul 17, 2019

I love it ALL product!! The best Brand! A+++++

Cool gel
Shannon Mccown Verified Buyer
on Jun 13, 2019

Definitely my go to, every day, use on everyone product! Strength, crystal clear and low heat reaction!

Royal gels
Shannon Mccown Verified Buyer
on Jun 13, 2019

I just love the royal gel line! These highly pigmented gel colors not only apply like a dream they blend so well for art applications