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Builder gel Xtreme Superior Clear 1.7 fl oz

    Product description

    Xtreme builder Gel with citrus scent

    The new generation of builder gels looks a little bit purple-ish in the jar but it is crystal clear during and after the curing. Medium dense but it is super strong and yet it’s flexible and it can be easily filed. You can use it for sculpting short or long nails as well. Apply it with a softer brush: Gel brush 6, Xtreme Gel Brush, Nero Merlo II.

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    Curve time UV: 20-25sec, LED: 8-10sec

    CURE time UV: 2-3min, LED: 1-2min

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    Elizabeth Reid - 7 months ago

    Does the xtreme gel soak 9ff as well?

    CN - answered 7 months ago

    No, it is a hard gel. You have to file it off.