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Metal tools - 2. page

Metal tools
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Metal up! Nail scissors, cuticle scissors, cuticle nippers, pedicure nippers, nail clippers, cuticle pushers, and many more Crystal Nails metal accessories every nail technician should have in their ever-expanding arsenal of salon tools.

METAL ACCESORIES for nail sculpting, refilling, and other metal tools, which helps your work in the nail salon.

In this category you can find the most essential tools of a nail tech, nail sculpting and manicure: cuticle scissors, nail scissors, tip cutter, C curve bending tweezers, Nail art needle for the perfect nail art designs, blades, cuticle pusher, and mixing spatula.

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Rack for pedicure tools

Stainless steel tool holder






Alison Rowe Verified Buyer
on Jun 15, 2015

Some may think that this item may be over priced or that they already have a sufficient version of this item. I have to say that I am impressed with this item! It is light weight and it does cut beautifully. When you pull the handle the movement is smooth and precise. It was worth getting! Don't over look the simple prep steps with your nails. It saves time and ensures a polished look in the end.

Five Stars
on Jan 24, 2015

Great product.