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Gel/Acryl Art Brushes

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3D Gel Brush

    Product description

    To create easily, tiny and elegant decorations.

    Nail art brushes - for the detailed work.

    3D Brush – Flat brush with a pointed tip made of natural bristles. Bristle length: 0.5 inch. Bristle width: 0.19 inch. The acrylic decoration brush with the longest bristles.

    Nero Merlo 0. Brush Made of soft, natural bristles. Rounded tip makes it perfect for precise work. Recommended for color materials, for painting details, and for painting on small surfaces. Due to its size, it is also ideal for creating free edges and color gradients.

    Nero Merlo I. Brush High-quality brush with a flat, rounded tip. Made of soft, natural bristles. Its larger size makes it perfect for covering the entire nail surface with only a couple of strokes, while its shape allows outstanding precision at the smile line and at the cuticles.

    Barbara I. Brush Made of synthetic bristles. Pointed tip makes it perfect for creating artistic decorations requiring great precision. Also suited for creating gel patterns and for painting outlines.

    Barbara II. Brush – Narrow brush with a needle-sharp tip made of the natural bristles. Provides outstanding control. Pefect for painting patterns, thin lines, and for shading. Recommended for water-based paints.

    0 Short Brush Made of synthetic, 0.23-inch-long bristles. Extremely thin, tailor-made for creating gel patterns, for painting outlines, and for painting the smile line. Less experienced nail technicians can use a separate color brush to paint outlines with aquarelle.

    0 Long Brush – Made of synthetic, 0.39-inch-long bristles. Extremely thin, ideal for creating gel patterns and painting the smile line.

    2 Gel Brush Made of synthetic, 0.55-inch-long bristles. Width: 0.04 inch. Perfect for creating gel patterns.

    3 Gel Brush Made of synthetic bristles. Its slanted tip makes it perfect for creating color gradients with glitter gel and for wiping the smile line.

    Art Design Brush – Narrow brush with a needle-sharp tip made of natural bristles. Bristles are the shortest (0.2 inch) among all Crystal Nails brushes, providing outstanding precision to create sharp, thin outlines. Recommended for water-based paints.

    Twixi Bush – Made of natural, 0.43-inch-long bristles providing outstanding absorbency. Needle-sharp tip. Designed according to the instructions of our Lond Nailympic Champion, Twixi. Perfect for painting patterns, thin lines, backgrounds, and for shading. Recommended for water-based paints.

    P Brush – Made of natural, 0.55-inch-long bristles. Has the best absorbency among all decorating brushes. Due to its larger size, perfect for creating backgrounds with a few strokes. Recommended for water-based paints.

    Aquarell Brush – Made of synthetic, 0.4-inch-long bristles. Designed specifically for aquarelle painting. Perfect for creating color gradients on surfaces of all sizes.

    Phantom Brush  Gel nail art brush with natural hair. Therefore, it can be used for gel, acryl, aquarelle painting as well. Perfect for creating the color mash, because of its size and softness. Slightly bulkier than CN Art Design brush. OmbrePRO Brush – Synthetic brush with a thinner hair at the tip speci cally designed for color fading with gel. due to the head’s enhanced width it makes color fading a lot easier. By using tapping mo- vements you can create a perfect ombre effect. These brushes are perfect for Royal Gels and gel polishes. 

    Gelly Gel Brush – Synthetic gel brush. Thanks to its softer, longer and flat fur, it is more easier to apply it. This brush is perfect for make the smile line and for royal and colors gels, and to cover the whole nails.

    0 Mini Brush – Synthetic brush. Its shortness allows it to be more stable with very thin contour lines. Easy to position. Good for curved and thin lines. Hair length: 3 mm.

    Loop Brush – Fine, soft-haired synthetic brush. For painting transitions (one movement shading). Especially for motifs that are more rounded ( butterflies, flowers, leaves). It does not leave lines in the finish, but it can apply enough pressure. Perfect for shading and painting with gel. It can create beautiful curved patterns with either dese or soft paint.

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    Before using your brush for the first time, scrub the glue out of the bristles, dip it into water, then cut the bristles that separate from the pointed tip.

    After using a gel decoration brush, clean it by pressing its head between two paper towels. As Cleanser can dry the bristles, using it is not recommended, unless there is some leftover gel on the handle.

    Use separate brushes for dark and light colors and pearly and glitter materials so that they don’t mix.

    When using a brush for the first time, thoroughly scrub the glue, then dip the entire brush head into transparent builder gel. Dry the bristles by pressing the brush head between two paper towels. This method is also perfect for removing pigments from the bristles.

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    Product Reviews

    Average Rating (14 reviews)

    4.71 out of 5

    Abby Miller: Finest Micro Brush Ever (Dec 20, 2020 12:15PM)

    I just painted the most detailed art to date thanks to this brush and Crystal Nails Art Gels. The micro detailer is incredibly fine, almost hard to see, yet it holds paint well. It also has a nice spring to the bristles allowing for extreme control. Then there’s the fact that all the Crystal Nails brushes are beautiful to look at and well-balanced to hold.

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    Older reviews

    Best Nail Art Brushes!!

    Morgan wenger (Oct 28, 2020 7:44PM)

    The O mini and 0 Long are my favorite detail liner brushes. Super thin and create clean lines. The Twixi is great for shading and using water color for nail designs and the Barbara 2 is also great for a lot of small art work. The Loop brush is great for petals and patterns I could go on lol. If you are on the fence as to if you should buy these, just do it because you will find a lot of uses for them plus they are at a great price compared to other brands!

    Love it

    Kalina (Jun 9, 2020 3:48AM)

    Easy to work with and just all the products amazing ❤️

    Lo mejor!

    Maria Elena Ortiz (May 1, 2020 7:08AM)

    Me encanta las brochas!


    Hui Jing (Oct 22, 2019 2:07PM)

    Me encanta esta línea

    excellent quality!

    Sara Steinbrink (Oct 30, 2018 1:38AM)

    Best quality brushes around! The brushes I reach for the most are #2 gel brush for general nail art, ) short for small fine detailed lines and 0 long for long thin lines. However all the brushes have a different purpose and I use all the collection for something different.


    Kendry Solange Tavarez Feliz (Jun 12, 2018 3:59AM)


    Love this brush

    Shantika Cason (May 6, 2018 4:05PM)

    This brush is not only beautiful it is also very great with creating the perfect lines


    Ana Barrera (Apr 30, 2018 3:41PM)

    The best brush for gel


    Vuong Ho (Jan 13, 2018 3:38AM)

    The best art brush ever! A must for every nail tech. I can paint more accurate on tiny precious details

    Gel brush

    Alma F. (Jun 7, 2017 12:16PM)

    I really recommend this brush , if you use gel to paint your nails, this brush is perfect , love it !!!!

    3d gel brush

    Gina L. (Mar 21, 2017 11:57AM)

    If you are looking for a 3D brush for gel sculpting...I would definitely go with a different brush. A cat tongue shaped would be best. The head of this brush is just to rounded and wide. I am sure I'll find another use for this brush.

    Can't wait!

    Annalisa C. (Apr 7, 2015 4:55PM)

    I've ordered some of these brushes, look great, can't wait to try them!

    My new Favorite

    Camila Violante ()

    I am in love of this new amazing beautiful brush! I recommend it to all the nail art lovers because its like the amazing Art Design Brush but in a fuller version! Perfect for shading!!! ❤️❤️❤️



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    Kerry - 4 months ago

    Can the 3D gel brush be used for uv/led hard gel?

    CN - answered 4 months ago

    Yes, synthetic brushes can be used for gels.