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Nail files - buffers - polishers

Crystal Nails Nail Files are manufactured with the latest revolutionary grain adhesion technology, ensuring an unprecedented level of durability. Shape, buff, and add extra shine to your nail designs with Crystal Nails files, nail buffers, and nail polishers!

If you’re looking for a professional nail file, nail buffer, or polisher, you’ve come to the right place! Crystal Nails files are exceptionally durable – which is true both for emery board and for metal nail files. Setting the standard in terms of quality are Xtreme and Zebra products made with the finest Japanese paper, with the latter being our best nail file product family. The quality of Crystal Nails nail file are regularly tested by champion nail techs.

Nail files, buffer tools, and polishers are used for shaping and aesthetically refining the free edge and the nail surface. All tools are covered with an abrasive substance, and their function is determined by how fine or coarse that substance is. A fingernail file with a below 100 grit is perfect for shaping and reducing the length of the free edge, a coarse acrylic nails file with a 100-149 grit is for shaping the surface of and reducing the length of artificial nails, 150-239 grit medium files is for refining, shaping, and buffing the surface of both artificial and natural nails, while fine nail files with a 240-plus grit are for polishing and refining.

We differentiate the following nail file categories according to the type of abrasive substance they are covered with: glass nail file, metal nail file, and diamond and emery board file.

Block buffer and shiners are tailor-made for polishing and smoothing the nail surface. Types: chamois buffer and buffer block.

Click on the images to choose from the wide range of products

Magic Shine Block

Contacts the nail on a bigger surface.




For polishing

Chamois file and buffer

For reaching the perfect shine.




Drop Shape File

For refining the surface.





Tiger Mini Files

12 pcs mini manicure files in one box for natural nails




12 pcs

Straight File

Straight files with different grits.




Key-Ring File

Silver color, perfect gift for your clients.




Key - ring file

3-way Polisher

Effective on a bigger surface.





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A Comprehensive Guide to Nail Files, Buffers, and Polishers

A Comprehensive Guide to Nail Files, Buffers, and Polishers

If you’re a practicing nail technician, you know very well how important it is to have professional quality nail files, buffers, and polishers in your ever-growing nail tool kit – not only to ensure that you do a perfect job, but also to increase your work efficiency.

Nail files, buffers, and polishers are required in almost all nail sculpting and nail decorating tasks, so it’s evidently a must to stack up all the essential equipment you need to shorten and shape natural nails, to prepare the nail surface for gel polishes, acrylics, or gel, to file the smile line, to shape and refine the nail surface, or to buff the nails for a lustrous shine.

What do the “grit numbers” of nail files, buffers, and polishers mean?

Grit numbers show how coarse a nail file, buffer, or polisher is. Grit numbers are determined according to the amount of grit the given tool contains per square inch. What this means is that nail files, buffers, and polishers with high grit numbers are coarse, while products with low grit numbers are gentle. The below table demonstrates the most widely-accepted categorization of nail files, while also determining the tasks each file type is designed for.

File Type Grit Number Use
Extra coarse files 60 - 80 Filing gel and acrylic nails,
reducing length or surface
Coarse files 100 - 150 Shaping gel and acrylic nails,
reducing length
Medium files 150 - 240 Shaping, preparing, smoothing
all types of nails
Fine files 240 - 400 Surface work on natural and
artificial nails, shaping the free
edge (natural nails)
Extra fine files 400 - 900 Preparing the nail surface for
shining and buffing
Ultra-fine buffers 900 - 12,000 Smoothing / buffing natural
and artificial nails

Xtreme Files – Xtreme performance and consistency

Thanks to the pioneering grain adhesion technology developed by Crystal Nails’ innovative engineers, Xtreme Nail Files deliver exceptional strength and durability. Xtreme Files are available in four variations, with the core colors indicating how coarse the given file is: 180/180 (Green), 150/150 (Blue), 100/180 (Red), 100/100 (Pink). File surfaces and file cores are also sold separately, allowing you to customize your nail files in a myriad of ways!

Zebra Files – As soft as the fur of a zebra

Zebra Files are made of zebra fur-soft, super fine Japanese paper, making these professional nail files perfect for a variety of smoothing tasks. Just like Xtreme Files, Zebra Files are also available in four grit combinations: 180/180 (Green), 150/150 (Blue), 100/180 (Red), 80/100 (Purple).

Official Crystal Nails Nail File, Buffer, and Polisher Guide

Official Crystal Nails Nail File, Buffer, and Polisher Guide

To help you navigate Crystal Nails’ immense nail file, nail buffer, and nail polisher selection, we have put together a comprehensive table showcasing which nail files, buffers, and polishers you should use for the most common nail technician tasks.


Task Tool
Preparation for acrylics / gel nails 180 files, 150/150 Zebra File
Preparation for Classic / 3 Step CrystaLacs Pink Core Buffer (180 grit), Soft Touch Buffer
Preparing and filing tips 150 files, then White Block Buffer to remove leftover grids
Preparation for buffing to achieve a high shine White Core Buffer
Shaping the nail / nail surface 150 and 180 files
Shaping / shortening natural nails Thin Wooden File, 180 files
Smoothing the nail surface White Block Buffer, Pink Core Buffer
Filing the smile line Gel: Thin Wodden File, 150 Xtreme file; Acrylics: 100 Xtreme file
Buffing to achieve a high shine Any high shine buffer
Reducing surface height for infills 80 and 100 files

Nail Buffers – Maximum shine in a matter of seconds

With Crystal Nails’ professional buffers, there will be no huffing and puffing, as you can achieve a spectacular shine or a smooth surface faster than you could say buff! Crystal Nails offers two types of nail buffers: refiner buffers (also known as smoothing buffers) and high shine buffers. Refiner buffers can be used for a wide range of tasks from smoothing to shaping, while high shine buffers allow you to maximize the shine of your latest masterpiece with unparalleled efficiency.