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Nail files - buffers - polishers
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Crystal Nails Nail Files are manufactured with the latest revolutionary grain adhesion technology, ensuring an unprecedented level of durability. Shape, buff, and add extra shine to your nail designs with Crystal Nails files, nail buffers, and nail polishers!

If you’re looking for a professional nail file, nail buffer, or polisher, you’ve come to the right place! Crystal Nails files are exceptionally durable – which is true both for emery board and for metal nail files. Setting the standard in terms of quality are Xtreme and Zebra products made with the finest Japanese paper, with the latter being our best nail file product family. The quality of Crystal Nails nail file are regularly tested by champion nail techs.

Nail files, buffer tools, and polishers are used for shaping and aesthetically refining the free edge and the nail surface. All tools are covered with an abrasive substance, and their function is determined by how fine or coarse that substance is. A fingernail file with a below 100 grit is perfect for shaping and reducing the length of the free edge, a coarse acrylic nails file with a 100-149 grit is for shaping the surface of and reducing the length of artificial nails, 150-239 grit medium files is for refining, shaping, and buffing the surface of both artificial and natural nails, while fine nail files with a 240-plus grit are for polishing and refining.

We differentiate the following nail file categories according to the type of abrasive substance they are covered with: glass nail file, metal nail file, and diamond and emery board file.

Block buffer and shiners are tailor-made for polishing and smoothing the nail surface. Types: chamois buffer and buffer block.

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3-way Polisher

Effective on a bigger surface.






Perfect for acrylic
Karla Franco Verified Buyer
on Jun 1, 2020

I am and extremely pick with acrylic fillings . some finishes I like to do with manual sandpaper, and these are perfect, they are hard and thick, reducing my manual effort and leaving the sides parallel as I like. I don't know how to work without them anymore

great shape
Jaclyn Schwartz Verified Buyer
on May 18, 2020

love love love the shape of these files!

Sara Steinbrink
on Oct 30, 2018

awesome grain for the finish file work

on Mar 24, 2017