P-Shine Japanese Manicure

How to use the Japanese manicure kit 

First use: Smooth the nail surface with the pink side of the pink- green file. The green side is for shaping. (In case of thin nails, leave out this part)

From second use: You only have to smooth the nail surface at the first time, at the further treatments use the pink file only at the regrowth area.

With the help of the white spoon, spread a small amount of the semi-dry paste (green bottle) or on the the green buffer. Grab the buffer at the two ends, and move it ONLY in ONE direction on the whole length of the nail. (Its effect does not change, even after it has dried.)

Spread the powder (pink bottle) with the Pink Buckskin buffer-  on the nail surface, just like the paste.
Finally, wipe the nails (and the two-sided files) with the
You can complete the service with the application of cuticle oil or the removal of the skin.