Prep and Remover

Prep and Remover
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Preparation is everything. Whether you’re sculpting gel nails or acrylic nails, or about to use one of Crystal Nails’ innovative CrystaLac gel nail polishes, applying the right prep liquid is essential to getting the desired results. The selection of Crystal Nails nail preps and liquids also includes primers, top coats, cleansers, removers, nail strengtheners, and many more.

Since Crystal Nails’ peerlessly varied product selection has all the professional nail supplies you need for your nail technician business, it is only natural that this selection includes preparatory accessories and removers. The innovative production technologies and trademark formulas of Crystal Nails ensure that all preparatory and liquid accessories, from adhesion-promoting primers for acrylic nails to acrylic removers, are of the highest quality.

In this category you can find the essential products for the proper nail plate preparation. Preparation is needed in every case, when sculpting gel nails, acrylic nails and before using the CrystaLac/One Step CrystaLac gel nail polishes. Prep liquids, No Buffer Scrub, which is super gentle to the nail plate. Sanitizers; Spray or Nail Prep. You can also find here the Cleanser (gel nail cleanser), which is used for cleansing (UV gel nails, top gels) and Removers.

The right preparation order: 1. Nail Prep 2. Nail Primer (only at problematic nails) 3. Acid Free Nail Primer

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Spray Prep

Preparatory, sanitizer spray



Strawberry Scented Cleanser

For fixing gels and cleansing



16.9 oz

Nail Prep

Dehydrator, PH equalizer preaparatory liquid



0.5 fl oz

Acid Nail Primer

Adhesion promoter liquid, which dehydrates the nail.



0.5 fl oz

Primer Stick (Acid)

Adhesion promoter nail primer stick




Acid Free Nail Primer

Effective adhesion promoter nail primer



0.5 fl oz

No Buffer Scrub

Superfast and super gentle preparation! Change of technology for...



4 fl oz fl oz


Gel nail cleanser liquid



Acryl Remover

Removes the tips, soak off gels. Gel polish and acrylic nail remover.



3.38 fl oz

Remover Gel

ONE STEP EASY CrystaLac gel nail polish remover.



1.7 fl oz

Universal remover kit

Tip, acrylic and gel nail polish remover kit


Nail Stamping Plate Cleaner Liquid

Nail stamping plate cleaner liquid removes stamping lacquer from...



3.38 fl oz fl oz

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Crystal Nails Preparatory Accessories – Get off to a Good Start!

Crystal Nails Preparatory Accessories – Get off to a Good Start!

Crystal Nails Preparatory Accessories are must-have professional nail products for all nail technicians.

Adhesion-promoting acrylic nail primers (Acid Primer, Acid Free Primer, and Acid Primer Stick) are essential in the acrylic nail sculpting process. No Buffer Scrub provides super-fast and super gentle preparation for Crystal Nails CrystaLac gel polishes. Spray Prep is a multifunctional preparatory liquid that serves as a hand and nail sanitizer / disinfectant, as a degreaser, as an adhesion promoter, and as a dehydrator. Nail Prep is another preparatory liquid you can use as a dehydrator and also to safeguard the nail against fungal diseases.

Crystal Nails Acrylic Nail Primers? What are those?

Acrylic Nail Primers are adhesion promoters required for sculpting acrylic nails – for preparing the nail bed for the application of acrylics through dehydration, to be exact. Whether your choice of Crystal Nails Acrylic Nail Primer is the Acid Primer, the Acid Free Primer, or the Acid Primer Stick, you can be sure that all three products provide perfect adhesion for acrylics.

Crystal Nails Removers – Start Anew!

Crystal Nails Removers – Start Anew!

In case your client desires a new look, and it’s time to say goodbye to her current nail art design or nail enhancement, Crystal Nails Removers bring you hassle-free, gentle, and fast removal for gel polishes, gel nails, and acrylic nails!

With the multifunctional Crystal Nails Acryl Remover, you can remove tips, soak-off gels, CrystaLac gel polishes, and acrylic nails. The Crystal Nails Universal Remover Kit provides an all-around solution for any removal task –acrylic nails, tips, One Step CrystaLacs, to name just a few -, while the Crystal Nails Remover Gel was designed specifically for the removal of One Step Easy CrystaLac gel polishes.


Hi! This is my first time using this product! And it is wonderful, I'm definitely going to continue to use this product .
Kim Smith Verified Buyer
on Jan 16, 2018

Hi! This is my first time using this product! And it is wonderful, I'm definitely going to continue to use this product .

on Mar 28, 2017

great would recommend

on Mar 28, 2017

was good and didn't burn the best product

on Oct 6, 2015

No need to wrap the nails to soak off!

Save time
Kylinn Ed.
on Mar 10, 2015

Buffer + nail prep combined in one product! I always use it before gel polishing.

Mary Anne
on Mar 10, 2015

I love everything about Crystal Nails!

Lo recomiendo!
Francisca Fernandez
on Feb 26, 2015

Lo he probado y me gusta ! Aunque soy de las que me gusta limar. Este producto me ayuda a cuidar las uñas. Lo recomiendo!

I absolutely fell in love with this product
on Feb 12, 2015

Super Quality.The product is perfect. It works exactly the way I had hoped it would. I would certainly purchase this product again.

Good for the money
on Jan 1, 2015

Good product and resaonable price.

Love it!
on Nov 27, 2014

Love it, makes skin look better, easy to apply, no smell. Will buy again when this one runs out. thanks