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One Step Easy CrystaLac Gel Polish



One Step CrystaLac Gel Polish

Fast work thin wear! UV/LED system. 2-3 weeks durability


Decor CrystaLac

Beautiful decor gel polish shades, easy to apply, easy to soak off


Prismatic CrystaLac

Soak-off, flexible gel nail polish with Hologram prism shine!



Clear/TOP CrystaLac gel polish

More solvable,supershiny Cleart top CrystaLac gel polish




Hypernova Decoration gel

Due to the special pigments the Hypernova decoration gel...




Full Diamond powder

Stronger sparkling effect, in 14 really wild colors.


One Move Acryl Paint

Creamy, slow drying, strongly pigmented paints especially developed...


Xtreme Fusion Gel

Welcome to the new era of nail sculpting!