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Royal Gel

Royal gel - cleansing free color gel, perfect coverage in one layer!


3 Step CrystaLac in matching bottles

Extreme durability and vibrant colors in 3 steps


One Step Easy CrystaLac Gel Polish



One Step CrystaLac Gel Polish

Fast work thin wear! UV/LED system. 2-3 weeks durability


One Step CrystaLac - in matching bottles

One Step CrystaLac - in matching bottles


Decor CrystaLac

Beautiful decor gel polish shades, easy to apply, easy to soak off


Decor gel

Due to the unique Crystal Nails gel material and the high pigment...


Clear/TOP CrystaLac gel polish

More solvable,supershiny Cleart top CrystaLac gel polish




Decor Powders

Strong pigmentation, perfect coverage and maximum color intensity.


Glitter Powder

Glitter powder with the smallest grains, in festive colors.




Platinum Foil

Smaller pigment wafers.