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Color 2 Color kit

Same colored CrystaLac gel polish and nail polish in a kit.




Laser Brill gel

Due to the special micas, the Laser Brill color gels breathtakingly...


Multi Glitter gel

Exclusive, unique multi-dimensional glittering color gels


Nacreous gel

Metallic UV color gel versions in the bluish trends colors.


Silky - Metal gel

Special 3D color gels with metal-striping


Iridescent - Metallic gel

UV Color gel with iridescent metallic shine.


Neon Crystal gel

Snow Crystal color gels with neon color pigments.


Glass Effect gel

In order to reach real glass-like free edge!


Opal gel

Create „jewel” free edges!


Glitter Effect gel

Transparent micaceous gels


Small Fiber gel

UV/LED color gels with small iridescent fibers.


Liquid Crystal Nail Polish

Long-lasting, chip resistant liquid crystal colors