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Xtreme Transparent Pink powder

The strongest, and most beautiful nail bed color




Crystal Clear Xtreme powder

The clearest Crystal Nails clear acrylic powder




Xtreme Ultra White powder

Beautiful, strong White acrylic powder




Manicure Tip Box

Double and Simple Manicure Tips


Fly - Brill powder

Cold - winter color powders with bigger grains


Small Fiber Glitterized powder

Sparkling color powders with hologram fibres.


Neon Crystal powder

High quality neon pigments mixed with Snow Crystal effect!


Crystal Brill powder

Color powders with shimmering brill colors.


Chameleon - Thermosensitive powder

Color acrylic powder with unique color changing effect - by...


Builder gel Trial Kits

Test the champion builder gels of Crystal Nails!




Royal gel kits ( 4 x 0.15 fl oz)

4 amazing cleansing free Royal gels in a kit!







Electric Vibes